How To Collect Coke Bottle Caps

Collecting bottle caps is a fun and interesting pastime. For serious collectors, it can even mean some cash since rare and vintage caps can be auctioned off for quite a bit of money. One of the most popular bottle cap collectibles are those made by the Coca-Cola Company.

If you would like to start your own Coke bottle collection, here are some ideas to go about it.

  • Use your network. Let your friends and family know that you are collecting coke bottle caps and ask if they can give theirs to you. It won’t cost them anything to give it to you, and you’ll find that some people will actually be quite supportive of your hobby. If a friend is having a party, bring a small container so they can segregate the used caps for you. You may even try approaching a local soda shop and ask the staff to collect the caps for you.
  • Make sure you buy special edition bottles for specific events to add to your collection. Popular events are the Summer Olympics, the World Cup, American Idol and other special occasion editions.
  • Try to purchase a coke bottle when you travel to a different state or better yet, a different country so you can collect the caps. You’ll notice different nuances in the design of the caps sold in different countries once you start placing the caps side by side.
  • If you can’t go abroad, ask your friends and family based abroad to send some to you. It can go by regular mail since it’s small and lightweight. Just make sure to ask them to give it a good rinse so it’s not sticky by the time it gets to you.
  • Check the Internet. Two sites you can try are and These sites are good resources to find bottle caps online. You may also check and other auction or antique sites for possible resources to add to your collection.
  • Go to flea markets, garage sales and antique shops that sell various knickknacks. You may get lucky!
  • Ensure that your caps are kept in good condition. When you get a new cap, give it a good rinse and avoid using alcohol or other chemicals to clean it to ensure that the print and colors don’t fade.
  • Keep your caps in a cool dry place. Avoid sun exposure and try to find a good airtight case for your caps. You can purchase a case for your collectibles at craft stores, online or have one custom built.
  • Edit your collection. You may soon find yourself overwhelmed with the volume of caps. You may find that you have duplicates that you can sell to or trade with other collectors.
  • Do your research. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on caps. Check with other collectors the going rate of certain caps so you get the best price for caps that you do end up buying.

Keep these things in mind to help get your started and keep your collection growing. Have fun!


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