How To Collect Comics

Comic books for many people are enjoyable reading materials but for others they are valuable artwork worthy to be collected and preserved. If you fallion the latter category and are yet considering starting your own collection of comics, follow the corresponding items.

  • Determine your reason for collecting. Some people are after the profit, others for the fun of reading, and there are collectors who do not read a single comic in their collection. Establishing why you are collecting comics in the first place will give you ideas on what to look for and how to get them. For instance, factors such as price guides, quality, and comic grading are things you should become familiar with if you are going to collect for profit. You will need to know which comics are increasing and decreasing in value, and be perceptive about the condition of the material that defines the grading system and of course the rarity, and historical significance.
  • Choose comics according to your interest. It will be fairly easy to do this after establishing your reason for starting a collection. If it is for your own pleasure, you can simply buy the types of comics that you are fond of reading. However, if you are going to resell, you will have to consider what variety of comic books are more likely to get purchased by your target market – your friends, avid comic readers, and co-collectors from different places. Remember that the world of comics is not all about superheroes. Genres available are children, adult, humor, fantasy, romance, action and adventure, alternative, manga, etc. Nowadays, manga comic books which are originally Japanese and translated into English in the United States are getting substantially popular that they are sought after in many other countries.
  • Know where to get them. In this day and age, nothing is too difficult to find. You can get even the rare and vintage comic books without getting out of your house. The Internet makes it possible along with online market places such as e-Bay, Amazon, and comic collectors’ sites. Traditionally though, you can still purchase comics from a local or specialty store where you can personally see the condition of the materials. You can also place pre-orders and get discounts from local stores and wholesalers.

One of the most important things you have to know as a comic book collector is how to store your collection properly. To maintain the value of your comic books you should invest on a quality protection sleeve such as Mylar. Purchase or build a custom-made comic book box where you can place your collection in vertical position. It is also best to keep an inventory of your collection through Excel or any other application on your computer especially if you already have a large collection of comic books. It will be easier to categorize the comics according to their genre, condition, and price.


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