How To Collect Fossils

When collecting fossils there are a few bits of knowledge you will need, and some supplies that will help you in your quest to discover the traces of the past.

When you are on the hunt for fossils, make sure that you wear sturdy clothing and boots with a good grip. Many fossils are found near stream beds with rock deposits at the banks, which may be slippery. Having a good sense of observation is crucial to finding what you need, as you will have to pick out the small pictures of the fossils from a mass of rocks. A good identification book or a rock guide will aid you in this process. As you search the rocks, look for shapes that are irregular in line and organization. Having a bag with you to put the rocks in is also a great help.

As you collect your specimens, you might decide that you have a preference for certain types of fossils over others. Fossils from plants and animals preserved from the ancient oceans are more likely to be found than others in places that were once covered by ancient oceans, whereas in other places you will find the ancient bones and remains of the land-based plants or animals; these are often less common and harder to locate.

If you do not want to go out into the wild to locate fossils, you might consider purchasing them from rock shops or places that specialize in fossils. One factor to consider is that many stores like to have the rocks and the fossils polished up to sheen to make them more attractive to buyers. If you prefer to purchase fossils that haven't been 'enhanced', you may have to shop around.

Fossil collections should be kept in a place where they will not be damaged but can be easy to enjoy. You can make or purchase wood case boxes with glass tops, or you can use larger fishing lure plastic organizers. These are great for holding your fossils, and the dividers are often removable so that you can adjust the size of the chamber to accommodate the rocks. Another good tip is to label the rocks by name of the fossil, type of fossil, and the location where you found it.

Collecting fossils is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed once you have the required knowledge and tools. Using the tips above, you will be very successful in your quest to discover the past.


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