How To Collect Matchbox Vehicles

Whether young or old, collecting Matchbox cars can be a fun hobby. There are many varieties of toy vehicles that you can collect, but when collecting Matchbox cars you have a huge selection of cars to choose from.

First you must decide what types of vehicles you want to collect. Is there a particular style or color that interests you? Perhaps a certain vehicle's makes and models? Or, you can simply collect a variety of all Matchbox vehicles. You can check out the official Matchbox site at to see featured new products and read information for collectors.

Next, decide on a storage area for your vehicles. You need to decide whether you will be keeping all of your Matchbox vehicles in the packages or taking them out. If you plan to remove them from the packages you can purchase a cabinet with shelves to store your Matchbox vehicles. If you will be keeping them in the packages, it's probably best to purchase a pegboard and hooks.

Now you are ready to start shopping. There are many stores which sell Matchbox vehicles; examples include Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart. These stores also have websites that you can check for a selection of Matchbox cars. If you only want to shop online you can try using a search engine to search for Matchbox cars. One option is Here will find a variety of Matchbox vehicles. You may be able to get a lot of cars here for a low price as well. Another online site where you can find Matchbox cars is They offer a huge selection of new and used cars for purchase. In addition, you can look at local toy stores and garage sales to find unique Matchbox vehicles to add to your collection.

Once you have started your Matchbox vehicles collection, you can join a Collectors Community such as the Matchbox Collectors Community at or At these sites you can chat with other collectors and find other links to sites with Matchbox information. Also at these sites, you will find book recommendations to help you learn more about Matchbox cars and how to determine the condition of your vehicles.

Collecting Matchbox vehicles can be a fun and interesting hobby. After starting your collection you may become curious about how much your cars are worth and whether you have collected any Matchbox cars that are rare. One site to visit for this information is Here they have a list of some of the rarest Matchbox vehicles. Another way to see what your vehicles are worth is by looking at a site such as eBay. Type in the cars you have and see how much they are selling for. You can also purchase a book such as Matchbox Cars by Mac Ragan, Charlie Mack, and Everett Marshal 3. This book has information about the Matchbox Company and about various collectible cars including rare Matchbox vehicles.


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