How To Collect Mercury Glass

Mercury glass is hard to miss. Even though it is glassware with double walling, it has a hollow interior. Its inner wall has a distinct coating – silver nitrate solution. It is essentially decorative. Eventually, it became popularly known as varnish glass or silvered glass.

Europe first introduced mercury glass in 1849. According to, glassmakers from England, America, and Bohemia produced them a lot until the early 1900. Glassmakers made and considered mercury glass as a cheap alternative for silver. From then on, collectors worldwide became fascinated with the mercury glass as an antique art glass. Here are some pointers on how you can collect mercury glass:

  • Know more about mercury glass. You can visit your community library. You can also research on-line. You need to have the basic information about mercury glass. As a collector, you should be able to identify its varied styles. You should also be able to date it so you can fairly assess its worth or its current commercial value.
  • Find out which type do you intend to collect. There are a lot of mercury glass out there. You need to focus. Do you want to get just the vases?  What about the candle sticks?  The gamut include curtain pins, sugar and creamer sets, goblets, English garden gazing balls, bowls, doorknobs, compotes, hanging globes, salt cellars, salvers, kerosene lamp reflectors, and other Christmas novelties.
  • You can also decide if you want to concentrate on pieces made by a particular manufacturer. Or, you can just select the ones that originated from a particular country. If you are not going to set your criteria or be selective about your choices, you may end up being overwhelmed by what you can actually own – it is limitless.
  • Shop around for the pieces that you aspire. Look for the aggressively. You can have them in antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales. They are definitely going to yield a lot of wonderful pieces at affordable prices.
  • Buy them on-line. There are Internet sites dedicated for mercury glass collections. They provide good sources and networks for collectors and enthusiasts alike. They even list available items for auction. They have meticulous descriptions that can help you in deciding whether you really want to own the featured pieces. They also indicate the corresponding prices for your convenience.
  • Get in touch with other mercury glass collectors. Aside from the insights, they can also advise you on how to showcase or display your collection. They should also teach you how to polish your pieces and keep them looking great. More importantly, they can also give you some recommendations on how and where you can get your future pieces.

As long as your passion and your enthusiasm for mercury glass is high, you can certainly experience the different kind of thrill every time you get the chance to bring in a piece in your collection. So, keep your spirit soaring. Challenge yourself to get those hard-to-find pieces. Don’t give up.


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