How To Collect Plate Blocks

Are you a collector? Collecting items as a hobby is quite popular. You may collect cars, vintage bottles, handicrafts, etc. One of the most favored hobbies is stamp collecting. Stamp accumulation is chosen by people who do not want a collection that takes up too much space or those who want something that they can take with them wherever they go. Some stamp collectors focus on increasing their number of plate blocks.
Plate blocks are a whole set of stamps that are still placed on the sheet that they were printed on. The sheet includes detailed information about the primary printing plate number. Are these sheets heavy? You will find out that the number of stamps on the sheet increases the weight block. It is not at all surprising that even when placed on top of the other, these plate blocks are very much lighter than bowl blocks. If you want to start collecting you should also know that this is more expensive than just collecting single stamps.

Here are some things to remember on how to collect plate blocks.

  1. First off, buy Scott Catalogue. It is a must for stamp collectors. You will be overwhelmed with history, photos, descriptions, and the suggested value of stamps old and new. You will see fabric blocks, bowl blocks, plate oil blocks and many other assortments. It is recommended in any stamp collecting websites you can find.
  2. In the past, expensive plate blocks have been ignored due to the debate in price. An example of this is stamp serial number 1053 issued in 1955. After a few years, this ignored plate blocks have more than quadrupled in price. However, do not buy any expensive plate block you can lay your hands on. You need to invest wisely if you’re in this for the monetary gain.
  3. If you are totally new to stamp collecting, familiarize yourself with collector terms. Understanding the different types of stamps can assure you a great start in finding the first few sets for your album. Check out Glossary Of Philatelic Terms. And deem yourself an expert when conversing with other collectors.
  4. Choose what type of plate blocks you want to start with. Stamps can be commemorative or definitive. Commemorative stamps signify a certain event in history. These are not something you can quickly get your hands on if you pass by your post office. Historical events like the Olympics will show up on the stamp and will show the date it was held. Now if you plan to collect this type going forward, whenever there are events that will be displayed on stamps buy them because they might be valuable in the future. Definitive on the other hand are stamps being used everyday and will stay in circulation for a pretty long time. Go to Plate Block Stamps to start your collection.
  5. When you get your plate blocks, use album pages that are free of chemicals that cold harm your stamps. Store them in a safe area that is highly unlikely to be spilt on. Widen your range of collection, like a memory quilt your collection should be in a class of its own.

Whether you will be collecting single or plate blocks, stamp collecting can be an engaging hobby. The possibility that you can generate a bit of income once you have a collection you can boast about is not an impossibility at all.


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