How To Collect Ruby Glass

Ruby glass includes glass items to which have been added certain minerals that give it that rich red color for which it is named. Ruby glass had been popular in the early 19th to 20th century, and it is now a collector’s item today. There are those that are made in exclusive brands, and come in different shapes and sizes. Ruby glass items make a great decoration for your home. Here are some tips in starting a collection of ruby glass.

What you need:

  • Extra money for your collecting hobby
  • Space in your house where you can display your ruby glass items
  • Background information on ruby glassware

Have background knowledge about ruby glassware.

Before you can start collecting, you might want to have some background information about ruby glassware. There are some resources such as books and websites that tell you about ruby glass items, and what varieties they come in.

Choose which ruby glass variety to collect.

As mentioned before, ruby glass items come in different shapes and sizes such as tableware, water goblets, cherry glasses, candy dishes, and the like. So choose which particular variety you want to collect and display in your home. You may also choose on whether you will use it for refreshments and other needs.

Search where to purchase ruby glass items.

There are many places where you can find ruby glassware for sale or for auction. Here are some places you can try for your search:

  • Antique shops. Browse their items in stock for ruby glassware that you might want for your collection. Talk with the store owner and ask if they have some in stock, and they would help you in finding some that suit your fancy.
  • Local antique shows. Mingle with people at antique shows that take place in your town and browse the collection until you find a ruby glass item you would want for your collection. Talk to store owners, inform them that you collect such items, and ask whether the item is for sale and how much it is worth.
  • The internet. Check auction sites such as Ebay and see if they have ruby glass items that you might want to add to your collection.
  • Auction houses: visits auction houses around your local area and see if they have ruby glass items in stock.

Check the ruby glass item’s make and quality.

Check what manufacturer or make the ruby glass item is made from, especially if it is an antique. Having a ruby glass item from a well-respected trademark, such as Anchor Hocking, adds a vintage quality to your collection.

Display your ruby glassware in your home.

Find some place in your house where the ruby glass items will look good as a display and decoration. Put them on a coffee table, display them by groups on shelves, or store them in cupboards if you want to save them for refreshment use. Wherever you put it, make sure that it will not be knocked off and get broken.

Regularly clean your ruby glass items to keep them in good condition, so they would continue to look exquisite in your house décor.


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