How To Collect Spode China

Spode china, a brand of bone china pioneered by Josiah Spode as an enhancement of soft-paste porcelain, is a popular collector’s item and makes a great addition to your home décor. This popular variety of porcelain china is characterized by its blue Italian and Chinese patterns, and it comes with a hundred different designs that appeals to people such as “Christmas rose” and “blue-colonial gold”. Follow the instructions below to start and manage your collection of this popular bone china variety.

What you need:

  • Money to spare for this collecting hobby
  • Space around your home where you can display Spode china

Decide which patterns of Spode china you want to collect.

Choose among the hundred different Spode china designs and patterns that appeals to you so you know which types to collect. Also, choose which shapes and sizes that you want (e.g. bowls, platters) for your collection.

Find where to purchase Spode China.

Search around your town or go online to find where to buy Spode China. Antique shops, auction houses, and Ebay are good places to browse and find a porcelain piece that appeal to your tastes. Keep in mind that bone China is expensive, and you should have enough extra money to sustain your collecting hobby.

Check the value and quality of the Spode China.

Determine whether the Spode china that you want to add to your collection is in good condition or not. Check for cracks, scratches, faded colors, or any signs of disfigurement that may decrease the porcelain piece’s value and worth. Notify the owner of the shop if that is the case.

Wash and clean your Spode China.

After purchasing your Spode china item and taking it home, proceed to clean them for display. Always use a soft sponge and lukewarm soapy water to hand wash the items to avoid adding scratches and color fading to the china. Do wash your china on a regular basis so they can be in good condition for display. Never put the Spode china in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

Grow your collection.

Because bone china is expensive, start collecting slowly and from something small especially when you have just started. Then, you can move on to collecting whole sets and special editions if you are able to afford them.

Display Spode China around your home.

Here are some suggestions on how to display Spode china in your home:

  • Place them in spaces around your house where not only will they be noticeably displayed but also safe from harm.
  • Porcelain items such as bowls, plates, and trays can be used to make a tabletop set or complement regular tableware.
  • Regular decorative items such as candles, teapots, and condiment shakers can be added to the display alongside Spode China as long as their designs match.
  • You can also add other pieces that Spode manufactures such as glassware and silverware that have the same designs and patterns that your Spode china has.

Enjoy your collection of Spode china and be sure to regularly clean them so they would always look their best for display. Be careful while taking care of them, so they will not be damaged or disfigured.


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