How To Collect Vintage Military Medals

Medals are merely material things that are either colored gold, silver or bronze, but they represent and stand for so much more. They symbolize greatness, excellence, bravery, dedication and a lot of things that a person can be proud of. To some, it could mean being the first to finish in a race. It could mean getting the highest grades in class, Or, it could mean being the best employee in an office.

However, to some, these medals weigh so much more than just a few pounds. Military men and women who have given so much and done so much for the country have also been awarded with medals. Being given any medal of any sort already means that they have contributed to the safety and security of the country and its citizens. The medals merely just symbolize their hardships, tears, pain and all that they have gone through in fighting in the wars of humankind. For some, these even signify that a person has given life and limb for a good cause.

Many have found that these medals have so much value and that these are good collectible pieces. If you would also want to join the world of collectors and collect your own set of military medals, read the following tips and suggestions:

  • Decide what kinds of military medals you would want your collection to be focused on. If you want only military medals from a specific era or specific country or medals from a particular branch, it is important that you decide on this first before going out to search for these medals. This will make your search easier and less overwhelming.
  • Go to antique shops that sell military memorabilia and search for valuable medals from different eras. It would also be a good place to ask the antique shop owners if they would know of other places that also have other military memorabilia.
  • Auction sites are also good options to look for valuable medals. You can also attend military collectible shows. These are good places to look for more items that you will find as valuable additions to your collection.
  • Try garage sales and second-hand shops. Thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets are also good places where you can come across great finds. You will also be able to buy medals at inexpensive prices.
  • Be aware of fakes or copies. In your research, it is also important that you learn how to distinguish a real medal from a copy. Copies should have the word "copy" engraved on its reverse side. However, there could be some that have been reproduced that could pass for authentic pieces. Make sure you don't get fooled by this.
  • Store your medals in a safe and secure place that's free from theft and fire, and far from reach of children. Some of the medals might be small enough to be swallowed by your kids and cause serious injury. Being made of metal, these are also prone to corrosion. It is also a good idea to keep your collectibles under lock and key, just to be on the safe side.

Now that you know how it is to go about starting a collection of military medals, you can already go out and search for these priceless items.


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