How To Collect Vintage Oneida Rogers Flatware

Collectors have found that Oneida Rogers flatware sets are good and interesting pieces to collect. Because of the attention to detail and unique designs given to each dish and plate, Oneida Rogers flatware have become one of the many collectors' favorite items. With the many different kinds and designs to collect, you, too, would be surely overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips and suggestions if you, too, would want to start your own collection of vintage Oneida Rogers flatware.

  • Visit your local library and check out guide books on American flatware. You may also research through the Internet. This information would provide you the different flatware manufacturers, silver marks and manufacturing dates. This would be your guide as to which items you would need to be on the lookout for.
  • Research using Oneida guide books, catalogues and magazines. You would need to decide which patterns and designs you would want to collect. Again, there are about a hundred of patterns to choose from so it would be best if you just start with a design or two first. It is important to not get too overwhelmed by all the different designs, as this may be a big problem for your pocket!
  • Decide whether you would want to collect individual pieces or sets. Some collectors prefer collecting full sets as they would want to sell these pieces. However, if you are simply collecting just for display, then individual pieces of sets would be fine.
  • Visit online auction sites where you can find additions to your collection. You will be able to find great pieces at inexpensive prices. At first, Oneida Rogers flatware might seem expensive and sell at high prices but they will always come down to prices that buyers can afford.
  • Go to antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales and yard sales. These are also good places to look for valuable pieces to add to your collection. If you search hard and long enough, you will be able to come up with pieces that you can haggle for at an affordable price. You might even come across plenty of collectibles because there are some who don't know the value that these pieces have.
  • Network. When you visit yard sales and collectors' conventions, get to know the people. Inform the people you meet of your interest in any particular kind of flatware. Ask them if they can contact you whenever they come across any interesting piece. They should be more than happy to help you.
  • Catalog your collection. It would also be good practice to keep a computer database of all of your items so that you can keep track on each and every one of them. Other information that you enter, such as manufacture date, value, and source, would be useful as well.
  • Protect your collection. Store your collection in a room or in storage cabinets that are secure, far from theft and children and safe from fire. You would also need to clean the pieces regularly so that you are able to maintain their beauty and condition.


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