How To Collect Vintage Typewriter Models

A typewriter is a machine used for writing documents. You can create these documents by typing letters and other characters on the keyboard. These characters will then be printed on a piece of paper when it passes through the ink ribbon.

Most typewriters use the QWERTY key layout. It is the standard layout used in English computers and typewriters. Although in some typewriters different keyboard layouts are used like AZERTY, QZERTY, QWERTZ and HCESAR. Although computers and word processors were developed and are used already by most individuals, some offices still prefer using typewriters.

Some people do not only purchase typewriters for writing purposes but they also love collecting different models. They collect old, antique typewriters, what we call vintage typewriters.

There are several vintage typewriters on the market. Here are some of the brands that are a good buy when collecting vintage typewriter models:

  • Underwood Champion. This model was created by one of the best typewriter manufacturers around the globe. This portable typewriter was manufactured in 1942 and is known for its unique design.
  • Smith Corona Professional. The Smith Corona Professional was manufactured by one of the largest typewriter companies in the US. The good thing about this product is that it is smaller and lighter compared to other typewriters.
  • Remington 3. This was created by E. Remington and Sons Company which is one of the oldest typewriter manufacturers in the world. This typewriter is the only typewriter known for its unique color, pink and purple.
  • Olympia SM3. Olympia has been known for creating typewriters that have light touch keyboards that allows users to type smoothly and with ease.
  • Royal Quiet Deluxe. Beauty in brown. This typewriter is known for its unique brown color as well as the light touch keyboard that only produces discreet sounds.
  • Brothers Deluxe. Brothers are known for different products such as calculators, faxes, printers and typewriters. They continuously manufacture quality and stylish typewriters and this deluxe is one of those.
  • Hermes Rocket. Hermes is the only company in Switzerland that manufactures typewriters. The sleek design of their typewriter makes it very light to carry. One of their best models is the Hermes Rocket.
  • Victor Portable Typewriter. Victor is one of the oldest typewriter manufacturers to date. If you come across an authentic Victor typewriter, jump at the chance to buy it as you will not come across this brand of typewriter often.

Aside from the list above, other known typewriter manufacturers are Swintec, Optima, IBM, Adler and Bluebird.

Owning a vintage typewriter brings with it the allure of nostalgia, of times long since. A time when people did not need to have the convenience of technology, but were able to produce stories, articles, novels and works of literature that have withstood the test of time.

Collecting vintage typewriters require patience. It may take some time to find the model of typewriter you are looking for, especially if it is rare or if it is a really old model. It might cost a lot of money to collect vintage typewriters, but the value of these vintage typewriters will rise as time passes.


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