How To Connect an Xbox 360 to Your TV

Playing computer games is much more fun if you are viewing it in a wider screen. This is why many users prefer hooking up their Xbox 360 game consoles to their television units to maximize the gaming experience. This article will teach you how to connect your Xbox 360 to your standard television set.

  1. Ready the game console's cable. Get the A/V cable that came when you purchased your Xbox 360. The A/V cable is the one that has three color-coded plugs on either ends.
  2. Switch off the Xbox 360 and the standard television. This is to avoid accidental electrocution.
  3. Plug the A/V cable into the Xbox 360. Figure out the ports in the Xbox 360 console. Notice that there ports that have been color-coded red, yellow and white. Grab the A/V cable and insert the plugs into the corresponding Xbox 360 port. Bear in mind to insert the red plug into the red port; the yellow plug into the corresponding yellow port; and the white plug into the remaining white-colored port of the Xbox 360. 
  4. Connect the game console's cable to the TV. Study your TV first. There should be a set of the yellow, red and white color coded ports as well. Some recently-released standard televisions even come with more than one set of these color-coded ports. You are only going to need a set of ports for the purpose. To connect an Xbox to your TV, grab the free ends of the A/V cable and insert the plugs into the same-colored port.
  5. Turn on the TV and game console. Plug your TV into the power strip. Do the same for the Xbox 360 power cord.
  6. Set it up. Follow the on-screen walk-through instructions to set up the system for the first time.
  7. Hook up the controller. Wired controllers only need to be plugged into the Xbox 360's USB port. However, if you will be using a wireless controller, you will need to synchronize it first. Do this by continually pressing down the X button that's in the middle of the controller. The ring surrounding the X button as well as the left part of the device power button should both light up. If this doesn't happen, push the connect button for the controller on the Xbox 360. Do the same for the connect button on the game controller.

Just like any electrical device, the Xbox 360 is prone to damage if it is placed in a dusty and humid area. So be sure to select the most suitable location that has good ventilation to make sure your Xbox lasts long.


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