How To Connect Your Wii to Your Television

Wii is a game platform designed by Nintendo. It has become extremely popular that many game developers specifically design their creations based on it. And since Wii's market share has become substantial, it might just become the standard for game consoles in the future.

  1. Choose a good location. The Wii should be positioned in an area close to the television and an accessible electrical outlet.
  2. Decide how to position it. The Wii can be positioned either flat or standing up.
  3. Do this if you set it flat. Get all the three different cables that came with the Wii. Notice that the three cables have distinctively-shaped plugs so the user won't have a hard time finding the corresponding ports to connect them to. Plug the power cord or AC adapter into the biggest ports. Afterwards, attach the A/V cable, the one which has three different colored ends, into the respective ports. Do not forget to follow the color coding; red into the red port, yellow into the yellow port, and white into the white port. Lastly, hook up the Sensor Bar into the remaining tiny red-colored port.
  4. Do this if you want to position the Wii standing up. Attach the Wii into the console stand. This is the gray rectangular base unit supplied when you purchased the Wii. Make sure the Wii is securely positioned in the stand by properly aligning them together. Afterwards, follow step 3 for connecting the cables. 
  5. Hook up the Wii and the television. Check the television unit for ports that are color-coded red, yellow and white. These can be found at the back, side or front of the unit. Newer models of television have more than one set of ports. Just select one set of those and plug the other end of the A/V cables into corresponding ports in the television unit.
  6. Position the Sensor Bar. It can be placed below or atop the television unit just as long as it's positioned in the center of the screen.
  7. Turn on the Wii and television and start playing games. Plug the Wii's power cable into the electrical outlet and turn it on afterward. Switch on your television and push the TV/Video on the TV's remote. Follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you can now insert a game CD into the slot. Click on the Start button to begin playing Wii games.

Wii has greatly changed the face of computer gaming. Gone are the days when one sits glued to the PC with only your hand working the controller. With Wii, you can stand up and dance and get some exercise while playing.


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