How To Construct a Virtual Robot Online

A virtual robot can come in many shapes and forms. In a virtual world the virtual robot can be designed to do a specific task, which can be almost anything you want it to do. Virtual robots can be designed as a tool to help people learn or use them as entertainment. They can be visible as a character on your computer screen or they can be designed to stay out of sight and ordered to complete tasks. There are websites that have applications you can use online to build and design a virtual robot. You can then download the virtual robot you built and use it on your own website or on an application. Below are some of these websites you will find online to help you build a virtual robot.
At this website you will have the opportunity to create a virtual robot by choosing the parts you want to add on the robot. Designing a virtual robot on this site is fun and easy. You can drag and drop various parts of the robot’s anatomy and even resize each part. You can also rotate each part so that it would be positioned exactly the way you want on the robot. The website uses flash animation so you only need to use a few keys on your keyboard like the arrow buttons and a few clicks on the mouse to create your virtual robot. You can even look at the virtual robots that other people have created by clicking the Gallery button. You can take a screenshot of your robot and post it in the Gallery too. is another website where you can learn to build various types of virtual robots on the robot building screen. You will be taken to introductory levels where you will learn basics of building a robot and then you can go and use the robot you created to test it on challenges. The Sandbox Mode on the website is where you can create any type of robot on your own without any guidance. All you need to do is click on the options available to build your virtual robot.
This website has more tools you can work with to build a virtual robot to your exact specifications. There are a lot of choices for each of the robot’s parts and you can stretch and flip them in any way you choose. You have total control in creating the type of robot you want to build. The website has easy to use tools and instructions which makes building fun and easy.

Most of these websites use Flash or Adobe Shockwave Player so you may be required to download and install the application for your browser.


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