How To Construct an Outdoor Shuffleboard Court

The game is mostly played by older folk. It can be either an outdoor or indoor game and is called shuffleboard. The players make use of a shuffleboard where small discs that weigh considerably are pushed by the players with the use of long handled paddles. The objective is to push down the discs or pucks to the long and narrow court. Once the pucks reach the marked areas (goals) a score is credited to the successful player.

Outdoor shuffleboard has become popular now because more retired citizens prefer to play outside to catch some sunshine. Younger people have learned to play and appreciate the game too. It is easy to set up shuffleboard game outside as long as there is an available shuffleboard court. You can construct this court with the following methods:

  • You will need these materials in constructing an outdoor shuffleboard court: scoreboard, cement, gravel and sand, shovels, disks and cues, template (pattern to be followed for the court lines), green and white paint and concrete slab.
  • Concretize an area for the court. If there is no concrete slab available you may create one by cementing an area of your lawn, following the standard size of a shuffleboard court. Mix the cement, gravel and sand. Make sure you use the right proportions for the materials so the concrete will result to a nice and tough finish.
  • Transfer the mixed concrete on the area where the court is situated. The standard measurement for shuffleboard court is 77 inches in width and 624 inches in length. Leave some room also for benches or bleachers where the players and watchers can sit.
  • Allow the concrete to dry for 24 hours before resuming work. When it is completely dry and hard, start painting. Apply three coats of green paint on the whole concreted area. Brush side lines with dark brown or black colored paint to create the effect of a frame. Mark the lines in the court with white paint. Be careful when painting the lines as you do not like them to be crooked or skewed. To avoid such mistakes, mark the lines first with charcoal using a meter stick as guide. For an easier job, buy a template, which you can use as pattern while painting the court lines.
  • Let the paint dry for two days before using the court. In the meantime, build the bleachers on the side. You can either use concrete mixture again, or simply do some carpentry work with wood or steel. The bleachers should not be too close to the game area. Place them all around the court in single or double rows. If the bleachers are in double or triple rows, make sure they are elevated to allow better view of the game.
  • Clean the court area with vacuum so the dust and other dirt particles will be discarded. Next, coat the surface of the court with shuffleboard wax. The wax will allow the discs to slide more easily.
  • Purchase the shuffleboard discs. The usual disc set consists of four to six inch disks in two different colors. You will also need six feet long and two inches cues.
  • Construct the scoreboard or if you want you can buy a ready made one.

If your lawn can hardly accommodate the standard size of an outdoor shuffleboard court, you can decrease the size by a few inches. Make sure you do not simplify or reduce the size too much as the players’ movements will be restricted due to the limited area.


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