How To Contact Doubleday Book Club

Are you interested in finding out what the latest bestseller and best literary masterpiece is these days? If your answer is yes, it is good that you visit the Doubleday book club website. The website has a vast collection of the best sellers and some of the most interesting literary masterpieces written by classic authors. Sometimes, you need to contact them to find out more about the best buys.

Below are the suggestions that should work for you if you want to contact Doubleday Book Club:

  • Contact Doubleday book club by email. The fastest and most convenient way of reaching Doubleday book club is through email. Received very swiftly once you send them, emails make correspondence more convenient for people who want their message to reach the right people at once. If you have any questions about the latest literary releases, sending an email is the best way to make inquiries. The Doubleday Book Club official website is likely to display its customer support email address.
  • Write a note to their post office address.  If you have complains about the products bought online or have any problems with your membership, which you need to discuss in detail, you may reach the club by sending a detailed letter to the club’s postal address. Visit the Doubleday Book Club website and look for the club’s postal address. Note it down. Before you close the browser, double check the address you wrote down to see if it is correct.
  • Call them up. Doubleday book club telephone lines are open for inquiries, complaints and suggestions. This is one of the most effective ways to get feedback, because people can immediately attend to you. This is also the club’s way of making their members feel important. Try calling the club’s office in your area to make inquiries. If your calls are not answered, try calling a different office branch. The club’s branches are scattered everywhere – you should not have much trouble reaching them by phone.
  • Leave a message on the official website’s customer support page. The simplest way to send a message to customer service is through the ‘Contact Us’ tab, found on the Doubleday book club website. This portion of the site welcomes comments, inquiries, complaints and suggestions. Customer service attends and replies to these inquiries as soon as they can.
  • Register at the club’s support forum. The club offers a discussion forum where other members might be able to attend to you. Go to the club’s official website and register. Once you are a member of the support forum, you can start interacting with all the members of the club.

The ability to appreciate literature is a gift not given to everyone. Books can take you to places that can only exist in your imagination. They make you feel as if you are experiencing things you cannot experience in real life. With book clubs like Doubleday Book Club, new experiences are possible. A vast collection of interesting masterpieces is available in the club, and with these steps, you can contact the club to avail a membership, or make inquiries.


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