How To Convert an Old TV into a Fish Tank

If you've been having trouble deciding what to do with your old analogue television once the digital conversion is in place or you just don't know what to do with a TV that no longer works, there is a solution. Consider adding new life to the old TV by making it into a habitat for pet fish. Follow these steps and you can convert an old TV into a fish tank. Materials:

Old TV
Small aquarium
Wire cutters
Blocks of spare wood or 2 x 4s

Step 1

Unplug the TV. Before you do anything you need to be sure that the TV is not receiving any electrical power. If the TV recently stopped working or works fine but you just wanted to upgrade, then you might consider having an electrician handle step two to avoid any possibility of electric shock.

Step 2

Open TV back and remove tube and wires. Unscrew the back from the set and remove any of the interior pieces including the tube, electrical boards and any wiring. Some wires may be connected to the rear of the TV and these wires will have to be cut then removed. Once done with this step you should have a hollow TV shell.

Step 3

Remove the TV top. If you are using a console TV you will need to saw off the top wood panel of the TV in order to access the fish tank. You can elect to either leave the console without a top or place hinges in the back of the wood top and reset the top you removed.  If using a TV without the wood cabinet then just leave the back of the TV unattached then prepare to place your tank where the back is not visible.

Step 4

Measure the TV interior. Before you buy an aquarium you want to know it will fit into the TV. Measure the length, width and height of the interior of the TV.

Step 5

Buy the aquarium. Using the measurements from step three, purchase an aquarium that is smaller than the interior of the TV set.

Step 6

Check the TV for fit and stability. Before you place the aquarium into the TV you should make certain that the aquarium will fit into the set and that the TV can hold the weight of the aquarium once it is filled with water. Consider placing blocks of wood underneath the rear of the TV set to stabilize the tank and hold the weight. Even with a console TV you might need the added stability.

Step 7

Place the aquarium into the TV. Slide the aquarium into the TV set. Place cotton padding anywhere needed to ensure a snug fit. Place support blocks under the aquarium if the TV base is not level. Install lightning if wanted.

Step 8

Fill the aquarium. Pour water into the aquarium then populate it with fish.

Converting an old TV works best when you have a console unit but it is possible to make a fish tank with any old tube TV. You may need to add some additional support under the aquarium when using a tube TV that doesn't have a console base. Follow these steps to create the tank and then enjoy the new, serene habitat you have created.


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