How To Craft a Decorative Masquerade Mask

A masquerade party will not only determine the clothes you wear, but also the eccentricity of your mask. You can buy a mask at the store, but if you'd like to ensure that you have a unique mask that no one else will have, try making your own. If you were thinking of placing a mask as a design in the house, making it by yourself will definitely give it a more personal touch. So how can you make a unique decorative masquerade mask that will stand out in the crowd, or blend in at your home? Here are some steps to follow.


  1. Get a plain white mask ready. You can buy a plain white mask at toy stores or wholesale outlets. Wherever you buy it, make sure that its surface is easy to paint over or stick things on. You also have the alternative of making your own mask out of paper mache. If you really want it to be a mould of your face, then you'll need the help of a friend to put cling wrap on your face (without blocking your nostrils of course). You will need: glue diluted in water, strips of newspaper and a lot of patience. Have your friend dip the newspaper strips in the water-glue solution and put the strips over your face. Make sure that it follows the contours of your face so it will have a precise shape. When you think your mask is thick enough and dry enough to remove from your face, then you can carefully remove it and brush it over with white paint.
  2. Have a clear image of your design. Before looking for your materials, first you should have a clear idea of what you want it to look like. Is it a pharaoh? Is it a jester's face? Is it a flamboyant half-mask with peacock feathers? Whatever it is, know what you want. The materials you need to find will come to mind after you have decided. The basic items that masquerade masks require are the colors, sparkles and the attitude. Masks are made to attract attention. In a dimly lit room, the mask that sparkles will be seen, or the one that portrays its darkness will give off the desired effect.
  3. Gather your materials. Look around accessory shops, or those children's stores that have sticker accessories or glittery things you can stick or glue on your mask (you can also ask a friend with a child). Of course you already have your white paint, but for your other paint needs, you can use metallic paint or glitter glue. For finer details, it is suggested that you use finer paintbrushes, or your mom's shiny nail polish. Make sure you ask for it or buy your own batch of polish for decorating your mask.

Decorating a masquerade mask requires a good source of uniqueness, and that is your own imagination. Making it the best depends on your hand and your ability to improvise when needed. Good luck!


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