How To Make a Canopy for a Bed: Canopy Parts

Make Your Own Bed Canopies with These Tips

Bed canopy

There are several variations when creating a bed canopy. This how-to will focus on a "ring" canopy, a rather simple design appropriate for beginners, yet still fun for more advanced crafters. At a cost of between $10 and $30, it won't break your budget. 

A ring canopy is a hanging type, so before you attempt this project, make sure you are able to install a mounting hook in your ceiling. Here's how to make your own bed canopies.

  1. Go Shopping. You will need only a few items and parts: A chandelier hook, a lightweight hula hoop, 8 to 12 yards of tulle, twine or ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Tulle is a fine nylon netting and comes in a wide variety of colors. Choose a color that looks good with the existing decor, and there is no need to stick with one color. It's perfectly ok to mix and match. You may also pick up some other accessories to dress up your canopy, like silk flowers, bows, or even plastic butterflies...the sky's the limit! Be creative!
  2. Decide how you want the canopy to hang. There are a few options here. Your canopy will have an opening, so decide where you want that opening. It may face the foot of the bed or either side. It's good to place the opening where it will allow easy in and out. Also, decide where you want it mounted. It is a good idea to center it, as it will hang better that way.
  3. Install the hook. The canopy won't be too heavy, since tulle is a very light material, but keep in mind that the possibility exists that the person sleeping underneath could be a wild sleeper. You will want a good, strong hook that won't pull out easily. Screw your hook in completely, and if possible, place it where a beam is for strength.
  4. Make the canopy for a bed. This is the easiest step. Lay your material out flat, then fold it once, then again along its width. Next, measure about 1 to 1 1/2 feet from one end and tie it with a piece of yarn or ribbon. Now, hang this from the hook by gathering material on the short side and tying it to the hook with a double knot. Now, you should have in front of you: A double knot of material around the hook, a knot in the material just slightly below that, and the remainder of the material hanging to the floor. Next, spread out the bottom portion of the material so it is surrounding the bed, or the place where the bed will be. Be careful now, as you will be working with the canopy in place. Insert the hula hoop up under the center of the canopy until it is between 1 and 2 feet below the knot in the fabric. While an assistant holds it in place, secure the hula hoop in place with several spots of glue using the hot glue gun.
  5. Check it out. Make sure your knots are tight and that you've glued your hula hoop securely in place.
  6. You're done! After adding any additional decorations, your canopy is complete!

Good job making your canopy. Now that you've tried this method, feel free to check out other bed canopy ideas.


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