How To Create a Centerpiece with Floating Candles

Candle centerpiece

Gone are the days when table centerpieces usually just consisted of flowers. Today, you can explore other decorative options. How you will come up with ideas depends on your creativity and resourcefulness. Centerpiece ideas depend on the occasion. They can be used in a wedding reception, a debut party, a birthday bash, or a formal family dinner. You will never run out of ideas, as long as you have a lot of inspiration.

When it comes to finding ideas in creating a centerpiece, the only limit is your imagination and your sources of inspiration. It's best to research before you craft that perfect centerpiece to catch your guests' attention. You can also tap into your memories or even the power of the Internet to get inspired.

Look for inspiring table settings on Google Images.

Pay a visit to Google Images and searching for keywords like "perfect wedding centerpiece," "perfect party centerpiece," and "centerpiece designs." You are sure to find a wide array of gorgeous centerpiece photos. With these ideas to get you going, you're well on your way to creating your event's centerpiece.

Think of good memories

Autumn leaves falling in your grandma's backyard; the smell of apple or pumpkin pie baking as you enjoy a beautiful afternoon with a cup of coffee; and the colorful bows on your daughter's hair. Memories of ballerina shoes long retired. Such warm thoughts may spark the inspiration for a great centerpiece. Use these lovely memories to think of a unique design for to-die-for centerpiece.

One excellent way to spice up a centerpiece is to create them using floating candles. Below are a few simple, yet elegant centerpiece designs that use floating candles.

For a romantic dinner for two, or for wedding receptions and wedding anniversaries:

  • Champagne glass
  • Roses
  • Silver and red ribbons
  • 3 Gerber containers
  • 3 white votive candles
  • 3 red heart-shaped floating candles
  • Red glass bubbles

How to create the romantic centerpiece

  1. Pour water into the champagne glass.
  2. Place red crystal bubbles into the champagne glass.
  3. Place 3 red heart-shaped floating candles at the bottom of the champagne glass.
  4. Decorate the champagne glass stem with silver and red ribbons.
  5. Place 1 rose into each Gerber container, then arrange these around the champagne glass.
  6. Surround it with silver and red ribbons

For a coming-of-age party/debut or bridal shower parties, you will need the following materials:

  • Oversized crystal tea cup
  • 3 regular crystal teacups
  • Centerpiece glass ice cubes
  • Beaded garlands in purple
  • Bag of cap flowers in purple
  • 4 white floating tulip candles

How to create the coming-of-age centerpiece

  1. Place glass ice cubes in the oversized crystal teacup.
  2. Pour water into the container.
  3. Place a white floating tulip candle inside the container.
  4. Carefully stick the purple beaded garlands in the cup holder.
  5. Stick the bag of cap flowers at the bottom of the teacup to highlight the purple hue.
  6. Do the same with the 3 regular teacups.
  7. Place the oversized teacups on the table covered in white, and the 3 regular-sized teacups around the oversized crystal teacup.

Once you let your imagination fly, you will be able to create centerpieces for just about any event. Feel free to play around with different materials and other designs. Take inspiration from everything you see, from photographs to magazines, and rework them into stunning centerpieces. With creativity and imagination, centerpieces will be a cinch for you to create.


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