How To Create a Cookbook

Are you the chef of the family? Do you have your recipes written down on loose leaf papers stuffed in a drawer somewhere? Well, it's time to create your very own cookbook. Now, how exactly would you go about doing something like this you might ask yourself? The answer can be as simple as purchasing multiple tabbed notebooks to write your delectable dishes in. You can also purchase software that helps you format and print it yourself or if you want to go all out you can have it printed professionally.

The difference between making a good cookbook and a great keepsake is in the planning. The first step is gathering your content. Will your cookbook hold personal recipes only or will you include recipes from family, friends and perhaps one or two professional dishes? If you don't have a large collection of recipes the latter would be more practical and fun. Loading your recipes in your computer is hard work but will pay off in the long run. This will allow you to print multiple copies in case you wish to gift your cookbook.

Once you have your collection of recipes you'll need something to put them in. You have several options in this area. Ringed binders come in many styles and colors and give you easy access to add more recipes as you create and collect. It'll also let you open the book completely for easy reading while you're cooking and they are durable, not too expensive. When you have made your decision for the book itself, next comes the fun part. Organizing! Will you organize recipes by main courses, food categories, or date of creation? Another great idea is putting the recipes in protective plastic sleeves or laminating them to keep the pages safe. Remember to add a few extra pages so that when you create a dish you can photograph it and place it with the corresponding recipe.

If you really want your cookbook to look smart and have the feel of professionalism you might want to try some online sites like Midwest Living, Hewlett Packard Activity Center, Flickr or Lulu just to name a few. These Web sites plus many, many more allow you to create an elegant looking book.

Now that you have created your cookbook don't keep it for yourself. Share it with friends and family alike. It will make a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays. The important part when starting this project is the journey itself. Having fun collecting, organizing and ultimately finishing your cookbook plus cooking the dishes should become a great family tradition.


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