How To Create a Gift Basket for the Lobster Lover

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Selecting, preparing and eating a lobster is quite an experience. Some say they are more trouble than they’re worth, others wish they could afford to eat them on a weekly basis. If you have a lobster lover on your gift list, the steps below will guide you in creating a truly unique gift basket that is sure to have the lobster lover licking his lips.

  1. First, you need to purchase a very large lobster pot. Visit and check out their 34-quart ceramic on steel lobster pot. It costs $29.49 and should be large enough to cook up a few lobsters.
  2. Visit the website to purchase a gift certificate for live lobsters. The site “lobster grams” have gained in popularity over the years, as people have realized that New England lobster is the most delicious. Spend some time on the website and check out all of their gift options, which start at $100. You can print off the gift certificate and add it to the lobster pot. 
  3. Just in case the lobster lover needs a few recipes, visit and purchase a lobster cookbook. A great choice is Jasper White’s Lobster At Home, which is a hardcover cookbook for $21.30. This is a great resource for guiding the gift recipient on how to select, cook and eat lobster. This book should fit nicely inside the lobster pot as well.
  4. Gather the tools needed for eating lobster. First, the lobster lover will need a tool for breaking apart the lobster. A lobster claw cracker can be purchased from for $5.95. The arms on this claw cracker are even shaped like claws! They will also need a lobster pick (, which is a slender tool that will help get the lobster meat out of even the smallest places. These tools will make a practical addition to the lobster pot.
  5. You’ll also need to add a butter warmer to the lobster pot. sells a variety of butter warmers for only $9.99. This will enable the lobster lover on your list to dip his lobster in melted butter…yum!
  6. When the lobster lover on your list takes out his cookbook and begins to create a delicious recipe, he’ll realize it can be a messy task. If you include an apron in the lobster pot gift package, you’ll prove you’ve thought of everything. sells several lobster themed aprons such as “Got Lobster?” or “Got Butter?” The aprons on this site range in price from $14.99-$18.99.
  7. The final “ingredient” in this gift is a bib. If you think cooking a lobster is messy, try eating one! sells a six-pack of disposable bibs for $3.50. They even have a picture of a red lobster on the front!

Organize all of the items in the lobster pot and tie a big red bow to the handle on the lid. You have just created a gift basket that is as unique as the lobster eating experience itself! The lobster lover on your list might be so appreciative that he’ll invite you to partake in the delicacy with him.

This article was written by Shelly Seigler.  She writes for where you can find mothers day gifts, fathers day gifts and unique gift ideas.

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