How To Create a Gift Package for the Cookie Maker

Cookie makers are good people to have as friends. They spend hours in the kitchen creating new and delicious recipes, and they’re always looking for people to test them out. Cookie makers usually have the essentials they need for cookie making, but these products often need replacing as time goes on. The steps below will help you to create a gift package that is sure to leave a good taste in the mouth of the cookie maker on your list.

Step 1

Purchase a large mixing bowl. Cookie makers need mixing bowls large enough to accompany doubled batches. Plus, this will be the “package” that all of the other gifts will be placed inside. Make sure it’s large enough to fit the goodies that follow! has a large assortment of mixing bowls in every style.

Step 2

Does this gift measure up? Measuring cups are a must have for cookie makers. Try to find some that are stainless steel, rust proof and stackable. If you’re finding that this gift is too expensive or too large (considering all of the other purchases that will be included with this gift package), measuring spoons are just as necessary in the kitchen and they won’t take up as much room in the mixing bowl! has a variety of options in both categories to choose from.

Step 3

Roll out the next gift. A rolling pin is the next item that the cookie maker will need. Rolling pins are required anytime a cookie maker wants to create cookie shapes with their dough. You’ll want a rolling pin with a non-stick coating and with good clearance for the baker’s knuckles. Also, the rolling pin surface should be approximately 10 inches. is a good website to peruse when looking for rolling pins.

Step 4

Cut it out! Once the cookie maker rolls out his or her dough, they need the cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Spend a few minutes on a website like to choose from a variety of cookie cutters. Many cutters are sold in sets based on themes, such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays, boys, girls, etc. This website has high quality copper sets and also sells the cookie cutters individually.

Step 5

Cover up your cookie maker. Cookie makers often have flour handprints on the fronts of their shirts and the backs of their pants. Cookie making is not a clean task! Shop online at, or to get an idea of all the different apron options available. You can choose from funny, personalized or just a simple solid color. Try to choose an apron that suits the personality of your cookie maker. Roll the apron up and tie it tight with its own strings and it should fit in the mixing bowl with the other gift items.

Step 6

Recipe for success. Give your cookie maker some recipe ideas from the original cookie maker, Mrs. Fields. At you’ll find a cookie book with 100 recipes. The cookie recipe book is over 100 pages and is a hardcover edition for $24.99. At about 8” x 10”, you should be able to stand it up in the mixing bowl behind all of the other cookie accessories you’ve included in the gift package.

When you present the cookie maker’s gift package to your recipient, be sure to remind him or her that you are always available for tasting the concoctions that come out of their kitchen!

This article was written by Shelly Seigler.  She writes for where you can find gift ideas, Halloween gifts and Valentines Day gifts.

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