How To Create a Goal Book

Goal books have become a popular theme in scrapbooking. Creating your very own goal book is a great way to list down and keep track of your dreams and aspirations. Keeping your goals in check is a step away from achieving them. Motivate and encourage yourself by transforming your personal insights into creative and artistic outputs by following these simple and easy steps!

  • Prepare your materials. To create your goal book, you will need a binder or any folder-like option to carry the pages of your project. It is, however, recommended to use a three ring binder for this project. Gather some personal photos, magazines, colored paper, and decorative detail like glitters, sequins, and stickers for your goal book’s pages. To put everything together, you will need some coloring materials, scissors, glue and tape.
  • Organize the contents of your goal book. Start by dividing your goal book into sections or chapters that are meaningful to you. Use the sheets of colored paper as dividers by labeling them with their respective titles. Examples of titles would be ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, ‘Romance’, ‘Career’, ‘Savings’, ‘Health’, ‘Travels’ and the like.
  • Decorate your goal book. To make your goal book’s pages stand out, use coloring materials for your labels and headings as well as decorative detail for your pages’ borders. Another great idea would be cutting out personal or magazine photos and creating mini-collages out of them. The point is to be creative and to add some personality to your book.
  • Write down your goals. Underneath the sections applicable, start listing down your goals. They can be as many as you want or as little as you can think of at the moment. You can list them in bullet points or explain them in short paragraphs. Details help in determining your goal priorities. Writing down specific time frames, courses of action, deadlines and expected outcomes will encourage you greatly. Though it is not necessary, the more detailed they are, the easier they are to keep tabs of.
  • Track your progress. Return to your goal book every now and then to see how far you are in attaining your goals. To keep tabs of your achievements, draw boxes next to each goal and add checkmarks to those that have been accomplished. If you happen to be in the process of fulfilling your goals, writing down some words of encouragement, a short reflection or several realizations would be a great way to track down your progress.
  • Just keep writing. Your goal book is a constant and continuous personal project. The objective is to list down your hopes and dreams in the confines of your own space. The primary idea in keeping a goal book is the potential to return to writing whenever you feel like it. Feel free to continue decorating and adding more sections and titles to your goal book when the need arises.

Goal books are a wonderful idea for listing down your own goals and aspirations. More importantly, goal books symbolize your own personal commitments. Creating your own goal book speaks volumes of your dedication to direct your life’s course towards a fruitful and fulfilling experience. The real task at hand is to work on your goal book by living it out in everyday life.


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