How To Create a Hand Stamped Magnet

Before your kids head back to school make some time for a last minute DIY project that is fun to do! Create hand stamped magnets that will look cute on the refrigerator door or the large cork board in their bedroom!

Here’s how:

Purchase the following. It won’t cost too much at all so stop fretting!

  • Unpolished ceramic tiles. Choose your favorite colors and buy ‘em rough if there are available unpolished tiles. This will make it easier for the designs to stick and dry without waiting hours.
  • Wooden stamps representing the designs of your choice. Also, pick designs that your kids will want on their own DIY magnets.
  • Ink. Again, your preferred colors only.
  • Ink pads.
  • Color markers or sharpie markers.
  • Sealant or sealer.
  • Elmer’s colorless glue.
  • Double-sided and heavy-duty metal magnets.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Cookie sheet.
  • Blow dryer (optional).

Set your oven. You need to oven-bake the ceramic tiles to complete this task. Once you have all the materials on hand, pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees.

Take a piece of sandpaper. Sandpaper the edges smooth so that you won’t accidentally cut your fingers while handling the ceramic tiles. Leave everything else as is. Stack up these ceramic tiles. Stamping is about to commence.

Line up the stamps. Make sure you have enough design choices to keep everyone happy. Open the ink bottle, pour a couple of drops on the ink pad and dip the stamps on the ink pad. Cover the entire stamp with the ink by pushing it firmly on the surface of the ink pad.

Transfer the design from the stamps to the ceramic tiles. You may mix and match designs or choose one design to cover the ceramic tile. Press the stamps firmly on the ceramic tiles and swiftly lift these up after. If you do this correctly and as instructed, you will avoid smudges and smears. You might go through a trial and error phase but that’s okay so long as you have enough supply of ceramic tiles.

Allow more than enough time for the ink to dry. Use a blow dryer if you want to help the process along.

Take a color marker to fill the spaces. If you wish to add color to a star-shaped stamp for example, you simply take a color marker to color the space inside the star. Please make sure the color blends with that of the background of the ceramic tile.

Line the tiles on a cookie sheet. Place the cookie sheet inside the pre-heated oven and “bake” the ceramic tiles for 15-20 minutes tops.

Take the cookie sheet off the oven. Once you are done with “baking” the ceramic tiles, turn off your oven, and remove the cookie sheet from the oven. Set it over your kitchen counter to cool down. Do not attempt to handle hot ceramic tiles. You need to patiently wait for the batch of tiles to cool down.

Use the sealant/sealer on the designs. Once the ceramic tiles have cooled, uncap a sealant/sealer and use a dab to seal the design on the tiles. This will help in making sure the designs don’t fade easily afterward.

Attach magnets on the back of each ceramic tile. Use the clear glue to attach as many magnets that are needed to hold the ceramic tile upright when being used. Apply a thick paste of glue when necessary. Allow another 30 minutes for the glue to set before using the finished products.

Now that was fun, wasn't it?


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