How To Create a Housewarming Gift Basket

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Ding dong! If someone close to you has recently purchased a condo or home, it’s only a matter of time before you see the invitation in the mail for the housewarming party. Owning property is a huge milestone and should be celebrated with friends and family. Whether or not there is a party for the special occasion, you should still honor the new homeowner with a gift. Follow the steps below to create a housewarming gift basket for new homeowners in your life.

Step 1

Every celebration deserves a toast. Your gift basket should definitely include a fine bottle of wine or a classy bottle of champagne. Include a few toasting glasses and you’ll show the new homeowners that you realize this is an occasion that calls for a special toast.

Step 2

Would you like some cheese with that wine? Yes, the gift basket you’re creating should include a food item to complement the wine or champagne you’ve chosen. Cheese and crackers are a good choice, as are a loaf of French bread and a delicious spread. Perhaps some olives or gourmet nuts would be a nice addition.

Step 3

Add a fragrant gift. Try to find out the homeowner’s color scheme and purchase a candle that will coordinate with the colors. Make sure the candle has a nice fragrance to it so that the homeowner can have it burning when she welcomes others into her home.

Step 4

Make it personal. It’s always a nice gesture to add something personal to the basket. So far, the other items you’ve chosen are fairly generic in nature. A few options that your recipient might appreciate are a personalized frame or platter, a set of personalized coasters or a blessing for the home.

Step 5

Don’t leave out the outdoors. Add something to your gift collection that can be placed outside. A wind chime or a piece of garden art make nice outdoor gifts.  A truly inexpensive outdoor gift is a few packets of seeds. These will get the new homeowners off to a great start in the garden.

Step 6

Add an “around town” gift. It’s likely that the neighborhood is new stomping grounds for the new homeowners. Getting to know the neighborhood will be important to the new homeowners. Drive through their neighborhood (or search online) to find a neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, etc. Purchase a gift card to the establishment and include directions or a menu so the new homeowners can look forward to cashing in on the gift.

Step 7

Wrap it up. Now you need to find a basket that is big enough to hold all of your thoughtful purchases. Try to find a unique basket that has long handles or a clever clasp, something that sets it apart from all other baskets. This way, the basket itself is a gift that the homeowners can use somewhere in their home.

Your gift recipients will appreciate the variety of gifts you’ve chosen to include in the gift basket and they will enjoy discovering each one. Your generous and creative gift will be the talk of the housewarming party!

This article was written by Shelly Seigler.  She writes for where you can find April Fools Day gifts, Christmas Gifts, and Father's Day Gifts.


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