How To Create a Kippah

A kippah is a small cap required to be worn by men when entering a synagogue or temple to pray. In Yiddish, the kippah is known as a yarmulke. These are normally readily available in every synagogue. There are different styles and designs for a kippah and this will be dependent on the tradition in the particular Jewish community where the temple is located. Typically, a kippah is a dome-shaped skull cap that can be adorned with beads, colors, and various intricate weaves. It can be made of various fabric like silk or velvet depending on what the person prefers. Since the kippot (plural term for kippah) found in the temple can be very generic, some Jewish men and children prefer to create their own jazzed up kippah.

Prepare the materials. Making a kippah is very simple. Since a kippah is made of four triangles sown together at the sides to form a circular fabric, you will need to have four pieces of your preferred fabric cut into equal triangles with about 5 inches in length per side of the triangle. The length of the sides will be perfect since it will allow you to have ¼ inch seams. These four triangular pieces will be your main parts for the kippah. You will need sewing scissors, thread, and a sewing machine as well.

Sew the parts together. Get two pieces and of fabric together at their respective right sides. Sew the sides together with a ¼ inch seam. Do the same process with the other two pieces of fabric. One you have completed the sewing, you will be left with two pieces instead of four.

Create the kippah. Now that you have combined the four pieces together to create two large pieces of fabric, the next step is combining the two pieces to form the kippah. Put the right sides of each fabric together and sew a ¼ inch seam from the top to the lower edge. Make sure to stop at about 1 inch before you reach the edge. Once you stop, you will need to angle another ¼ inch. This will help you to create a small dart that will provide the dome effect of your kippah. Repeat these procedures on the other side as well. Remember to sew on the open side.

Bind the edges. Once you have formed the kippah, the last stage of the job is creating the binding along the edges. Turn the kippah right side out and sew a binding around the outside edges to finish the kippah. Once you are done, it is time to jazz it up.

Design your kippah
. In designing your kippah, you can use fabric paints, beads, or intricate embroidery. It is all up to you. Normally, the typical way to decorate a kippah is by adding the decorations to the bottom edges. You will want your kippah to maintain its bold color on the body and only accentuate the edges.

Once you finish jazzing up your kippah, try it on and see how it looks. Creating a kippah is pretty simple since all you will need are the basic materials and simple knowledge in sewing. If you find this job too difficult for you, you can opt to purchase predesigned kippot at the temple or any Jewish supplies store.


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