How To Create a Model Car from Scratch

If you’re a certified car enthusiast you may be interested in expanding your interest into something that’s a little more affordable: model cars. Of course, you can always collect commercially-available model cars, but then again, where’s the thrill in that? How about building your own model car from scratch? Talk about extreme hobbies. Here are some of the guidelines to remember if you are interested in building your own model car:  

  • Start first with a model car kit. This is a smart first move if you’re really new to the whole process of building. Starting with a model car kit will help you get an idea about the different miniature car parts you will have to build. It’s also good if you choose the particular model that you are intent on making from scratch. You can buy model car kits online from sites such as, and After you’ve constructed your model car from the kit, use this as a replica to help you build your model car.
  • Make a plan. Before you start with the actual building, having a plan on paper will help you cut down on your project time. Use a graphing paper to account for each unit measurement. Auto CAD is a great program to help you plan for the dimensions of your model; use this if you are already fairly acquainted with this software tool.  
  • Determine the size of your model. It’s actually easier to build a model car that’s relatively bigger, because intricate parts are harder to craft. When planning your model on paper, try to draw it to scale.  
  • Choose the materials that you will use. Building a model car will actually require different materials for the different parts. Your choice material will also depend on your particular preferences (and perhaps availability). For example, though the most popular choice for the body or chassis of the car is wood, you might also consider using papier-mâché, clay, plastic or even cardboard.  The more intricate parts, for easier fashioning, might best be formed through clay.
  • Determine the amount of detail that you will like to incorporate. Again, this will depend on your particular preference. Most newbies will simply like to have the main body of the car, with the windows and the headlights. However, you might want to add in small details such as the car seats, the windshield wipers, the steering wheel, and a functioning hood.
  • Build your model car by sections. Again, refer to your model car kit, and determine the sections and parts that were used to form the whole car. You could create your own model car based on this pattern. The point is, you should avoid making your car with one single part, because this could cause your model car to be unwieldy or can cause it to become subject to more mistakes.
  • Paint your model car. The fun part! Once you’ve assembled the body of your model car, paint it using spray paint. You might also want to put in the car labels to illustrate the brand of car that you made.

There you have it! These are some guidelines to remember if you want to build a model car from scratch. When embarking on this project, it will certainly help if you have tons of patience and eye for detail. Good luck!


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