How To Create a News Blog

Aside from being good sources of reviews, opinions and commentary, blogs have also been recognized as good sources of news. This type of news writing is often called grassroots reporting, because bloggers are known to write about direct first-hand experiences, or at least about events that are relevant to one’s work or field of interest. Some blogs, especially those that are run by industry experts and well-known insiders, have even been cited by mainstream media like television and newspapers.

Whether you are an industry insider, an analyst, or simply a professional in your chosen field, you can create a news blog that provides up to date news about your own business or your industry. Rather than echo every other news blog writing material about your industry, it’s a good idea to have a few guidelines to live by for an interesting and exciting news blog.

Write about something you can relate to. If you are planning to run a news blog, try something that you can personally and directly relate to. For example, you can run a blog about your company’s new products and services. Or, you can closely monitor current events in your city or industry, and you can blog about these. This way, your posts will come out as more plausible, because you know what you are talking about. Also, even if you will be running a news blog, it would be all right to post some editorials or commentary, as long as you will be writing about current events.

Be original. More often than not, news blogs contain information that are mostly rehashed and re-written, and usually based on content from other blogs. While there is nothing inherently wrong about this, the problem lies with information has been circulated too much. Readers might find it difficult to determine the original source of information. The best news blogs are those that provide breaking news straight from the source.

Link to the original source. If you must cite other blogs or media for article ideas, it’s always a good practice to link to the original source. Many blogs have information and content that have already circulated through different blogs and websites. Try hunting for the primary source, so you can be sure that your articles have information that is raw and unprocessed. Most blogs would add in their own commentary or interpretation of news updates, and therefore you might be citing something that has been through different points of view already.

What software to use? There are a lot of free weblogging services that you can use to run your news blog. The most popular among these are Blogger ( and WordPress ( These are hosting services where you can sign up for a free account. However, more advanced users can install the self-hosted version of WordPress (from , which is also free. This would require one to have a domain and webhosting provider.

Some news bloggers use software that automatically aggregate blog posts and updates from other sources. This practice is generally frowned upon, though. The best way to run a news blog is to write daily (or more regular) updates in one’s own words.

Earning from your blog. While most bloggers run their websites for pure fun and passion, you might want to earn from your news blog. You can join advertising networks like Google AdSense and Chitika or affiliate marketing services like Amazon Affiliates, which let you earn from ads clicked by your readers, or items bought from your site.

Running a news blog is just like running a news update service. While the software and the format may be different, what’s important is that you deliver the content in a regular and timely manner.


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