How To Create a Personalized Photo Mug

A personalized photo mug is a wonderful gift not only because you can see it as part of your loved one’s dinnerware or collectibles. It is also special since it takes effort to create one and it will contain the picture of the person that matters a lot to you. This is definitely better than the staple gifts: vases, photo albums and many others. 

You don’t need a severe knowledge of pottery or glassware to be able to pull this off once you already have a mug available. When you have a personalized photo mug as a gift for your friend or relative, that person will have a more meaningful coffee or beer experience.

You can travel many places to get raw materials. But if you choose to do it locally, you can also create your custom mug without having to worry about not having a discount. It is best that you practice creating a mug out of scratch first if it’s your first time so that you will not have to make your gift as the actual guinea pig for your pioneering efforts.

Here are the steps in creating a personalized photo mug:

  1. Decide on design and dimensions. You need to first make some measurements and find an appropriate design for your photo mug. A good photo is one that is easily visible on your mug of choice. And at the same time, it must be personal and detailed with good resolution. Make sure that you will be able to see the details by aligning the dimensions of the chosen image with that of the mug.
  2. Check the surface of your ceramic mug. Do not attempt to create a photo mug if your selected mug has a very rough surface. Make sure that the mug you have in your hand is smooth and capable of holding your photo image.
  3. Purchase a transfer paper. This is only means where you will transfer the photo in your computer to the mug.
  4. Test the printing of the color paper on the transfer paper. If you are already satisfied with the printed image, create a decal using the transfer paper instructions.
  5. Re-measure the dimensions of the decal against the dimensions of the mug. Position the design accordingly and temporarily mark the boundaries with a pencil or chalk.
  6. Get a container of water and place the decal. When the decal is softened enough, peel off the design.
  7. Stick the decal’s printed or peeled side and mug together.
  8. Place the mug in the oven to further solidify the combination.
  9. Let the photo mug cool and wrap it.

You may be able to make some further experiments using other colors and designs later. Like many skills, making a photo mug can be easily learned and it is very pleasurable to do so. It will certainly improve over time if you manage to add in better color printers and test different brands of transfer papers to see which will suit your needs the best.


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