How To Create a Photo Collage Using PowerPoint

Photo collages are a great way to display your photographs while laying out your images in the style that you want. One of the tools that you can use to make a photo collage is PowerPoint, which allows you to layout the images whatever way you want. PowerPoint is also readily available and pre-installed in most computers.

  1. Clear. Start by opening the program, which can be found on the Start button on the taskbar. When you open the program, you will see a default page with a text box for the title and the sub title. Remove these by clicking on the border of the text box, which are the jagged lines. Resize the default slide show panel size by going to the Page Setup tab, which will allow you to change the size of the panel. The size of the panel will depend on the size of the print that you want to create. Check with your local photo printing shop to see what sizes they can make.
  2. Edit photos. Next, upload the photographs from your digital camera to your computer. If you have old printed photographs that you want to use, you will need to scan these and save the files in your computer. Save the files as JPEG, PNG, BMP or other file types that PowerPoint can recognize. You can also use photo editing software such as Gimp or Photoshop to edit the images.
  3. Insert photos. To insert the Photos, click on the “Insert” button. Choose “Pictures” as the type of file that you want to insert. This will open up a window that will allow you to search for the files that you have stored in your computer.
  4. Lay outing. Think of a layout that will go well with the photographs. You can create a simple collage of many small sized photographs that are same in size, or you can select several photos to be the primary photos, which will be placed on the center of the page. Also think of where you will place the text box.
  5. Resizing. Once you have inserted the photographs, you will need to resize the photographs so that they will fit into the layout that you have decided on. To resize the photographs, grab the border and use the corner handles to drag the photographs. Dragging the photograph outwards will enlarge the photo and dragging the corner inwards will reduce the size of the photograph.
  6. Text box. Add in the text box by clicking on the Insert tab. Instead of selecting “Pictures,” however, choose the Text Box option. In the text box, type in the name of the event or the title of the collage. You can also place another smaller text box where you can place the details of the event or the photos, such as the people included in the photos or the date of the event. Change the font, size, and color whichever way you want.

Save the file and send it to the photo printers so that the file can be printed. Most home printers can also print in photo quality, although you will need to purchase photo paper for this. With these steps, you can create your own collage using only PowerPoint.


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