How To Create a Scrapbooking Template (Stencil)

Scrapbooking is sort of a personal art. However, with the ready-made scrapbooking designs available, the personal touch in a scrapbook is almost forgotten. Hence, if you wish to make a statement in every page of your project, it is best to get a scrapbooking stencil of your own.

It is not impossible for you to create a scrapbooking stencil of your own design. It can be a simple design, border, font, and the like. The good news for you is that making your own stencil is as simple as designing your scrapbook pages. To help you easily make one of your own, check out these tips you can follow:

  • Prepare the needed materials for the project. Grab all the materials you need for this project. This includes stencil, permanent marker, and craft knife. You can get most of these materials in craft stores or any other huge department stores near your area.
  • Choose designs for the template. There is a wide range of scrapbooking designs that you can make as a stencil. These can be one of your own drawings, writings, magazine or book designs, computer fonts, printed designs, and the like. Choose one or two for this project and get ready to convert these items into a scrapbooking template. If this is your first time making one, try to choose a design that is simple so you will not find it hard to go on with the project.
  • Trace the object on the stencil. Cut the design of your choice and tape it at the back of the stencil. Using a marker, trace the design onto the stencil. Then, remove the original design material. This is true for items that you still wish to preserve even after tracing it on the stencil. For a design that you do not want to cut, secure the whole material with a tape at the back of the stencil and then outline it onto the stencil’s surface. On the other hand, if you will not use an item such as a computer printed material after stenciling it, simply tape the cut-out material at the stencil's back.
  • Cut the stencil. Follow the outline on the stencil and cut all the openings using a craft knife. If you are creating a scrapbooking stencil of letters, cut the exact outline of each letter and also the inside holes of other letters. Keep in mind to be very careful when using the craft knife.
  • Label the stencil. Use a permanent marker to label the stencil once done cutting it. Be careful when doing this so that you can create a perfect pattern for your scrapbooking designs.
  • Use the stencil. You are free to use the stencil in your scrapbooking projects at this point. Enjoy and admire your newly created designs for your scrapbooks. The stencil can last for several years granted that you take good care of it while it is in use.
  • Work on other scrapbooking templates. Repeat the above-mentioned steps for other designs you wish to convert into a scrapbooking template or stencil.

Now that you have your own scrapbooking stencil, you can be assured of a unique and personal project. Every page of your scrapbook will surely reflect your personality and style. Plus, you no longer have to spend money buying and using pre-made templates for your project.


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