How To Create a Tall Dining Room Floral Arrangement

Red colored dining table

Making your own dining table centerpiece when you are entertaining is both rewarding and inspirational. This can be the focal point of interest and will lend more beauty and elegance to your dinner spread and can set the mood for the affair. It shows your artistic flair and decorative ingenuity when you make your own dining table centerpiece. You have the choice of making a big and flowing low floral centerpiece or to make a few tall floral arrangements to accent a long table or an impressive one for a round table. Let us take a look at how you can make a tall dining room floral arrangement.

  1. Choose your vase carefully. If you are using one tall floral arrangement, the vase should be beautiful to complement the floral arrangement.
  2. Decide on the flowers you need. You can base the choice of flowers on the occasion or use flowers that reflect the season. Choose one or two major colors that will go well with the dinner set up and room decoration. Some fruits, colorful rocks and marbles are nice variations to use as anchor for the flowers. Do not choose scented flowers as they interfere with the food aroma.
  3. You do not need to buy flowers with very long stems. A good tall floral arrangement should only be about five to seven inches in height. Anything taller will make your dinner guests lean to the left or to the right to see and talk to the person across from them. Or you can make them very tall and very slim using transparent glass tubes that resemble beakers. The whole tube or at least the base should be wide enough to sit squarely on the table without fear of them tumbling over.
  4. If you are going to have one major tall floral arrangement, choose large blooms and arrange them in a circle, to fit the mouth of the vase or container. Tie the stems near the flower heads with a rubber band to keep them from moving and to keep the arrangement tight. You can use a piece of green ribbon to conceal the rubber band. Cut the stems at the right length before cutting the ends at an angle to facilitate water absorption.
  5. Place the blooms in the water. For a festive feel you can add a few drops of food coloring to the water. Anchor the stem ends with colored pebbles or marbles. Surround the base of the glass container with a wreath of greenery, some flower petals or with colored pebbles.
  6. For very tall and slim arrangements, use tall glass tubes. Gerberas and orchids are suited for this type of tall arrangements. This is suited for a long dining table and you can have several tall arrangements placed equidistant along its length. If the gerberas have really big heads, you can use two or three for each tube. Cut the end of the stems at an angle, making sure that the stems reach the bottom of the glass tube and the heads extend to about three inches beyond the lip of the container and fill the tube with plain water halfway. The transparency of the glass and the water can facilitate conversation across the table with ease.

It does not take much for you to be able to create a tall dining room floral arrangement. There are only a few basic rules to follow. The creative factor lies in your choice of flowers and the containers in which to put them.


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