How To Create a Teacup Floral Arrangement

Dainty little teacups make enchanting floral vases. You can make several of these small floral arrangements and place them around your home, in areas that need some cheering up. They will look good inside a bathroom and will add some cheerful accents to the place. You can group several of them for an informal breakfast table centerpiece, to start off your morning bright and cheery. Place one on your bedside table and on your work desk. This is a great way to use mismatched teacups and old ones that have seen better days.

Teacup floral arrangements are quite easy to make and you only need some inspiration and a bit of creativity to create them. Here are some tips.

  1. Choose whether you want to use silk, dried or fresh flowers as the materials you will need to create your teacup floral arrangements with vary with the type of flowers you will use. You will need a selection of silk of dried flowers, floral wire, dry floral foam, moss and glue gun for dry floral arrangements. For fresh flowers, you will need floral foam and floral wire.
  2. Look for samples of small flower arrangements that you can use as reference.
  3. Cut the floral foam to fit about three-fourths of the teacup. Use medium sized and small flowers and cut the stems to about an inch or an inch and a half in length. Wind a piece of floral wire around the length of the flower stems to make it easier to bend them into shape.
  4. Stick the medium sized flowers first into the foam, following one of the reference samples. Use a glue gun to hold the dried and silk flowers in place. Fill the rest of the foam with smaller flowers, going around the central medium flowers. Add a few leaves for accent. Use dried moss to hide the foam and fill the rest of the areas not covered by the small flowers. Bend the flower stems to make them look more natural.
  5. If you are going to make dried teacup floral arrangements as gifts for certain occasions, it will lend a nice and endearing touch if you can look for a teacup with a design that fits the occasion. For Valentine’s Day, look for a teacup with a heart design. Look for one that says Happy Birthday if you are going to give it to a birthday celebrant.
  6. To make your teacup arrangement sturdier, glue the teacup bottom to the saucer. In this way, you have a broader base and the teacup will not easily topple over.
  7. For fresh flower arrangements, try to use flowers that are not too big. Pre-soak the oasis foam after cutting it to fit the teacup. Cut the flower stems at an angle, about one to one and half-inch in length. Choose flowers that will stay fresh longer and those with hardy stems.
  8. You will need about four flower heads and a few leaves and small flowers as fillers. Push the flower stems until just about a quarter of an inch of the stem is exposed. This will ensure that the flowers will not fall off the teacup. Continue to put in the larger flowers in the center of the cup. Fill the rest of the foam with filler blooms. Push the stems at an angle around the central flowers so that they will not be crowded and you can create a half arc. Push in a sprig or two of greenery to accent the arrangement. Top the teacup with more water and place it on a saucer.
  9. Accent your teacup floral arrangement with a nice little bow tied to the teacup handle to finish your arrangement.

Make sure that you arrange the flowers in a balance around the teacup to prevent overcrowding at the top and center. Round and triangular arrangements work best for teacups. Add a gift tag to your arrangement when you want to present it to someone. Attach the gift tag with your own handwriting to the teacup handle with some raffia or ribbon for a truly personal touch.


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