How To Create a Victorian Tussy Mussy

Tussy mussy, which is a small bundle of flowers, first found use in the old English eras. In the Victorian era, for instance, gentlemen wooed ladies with tussy mussy, which, with the selection of flowers, conveyed words of love, fidelity, adoration, and other messages of affection. In modern times, Victorian tussy mussy is used mainly in weddings. There are no major changes in the creation of Victorian tussy mussy. In fact, you can easily make your own. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Select the central flowers. Choose the flowers based on the message you want to convey. Rose conveys love; ivy, fidelity; water lily, purity of the heart; and hibiscus, delicate beauty. There are in fact a lot of other flowers you can choose from, so try to explore your options.
  • Create a small cluster of central flowers. Cut the central flowers to six inches long. Hold one or two central flowers in one hand, and begin to add more flowers to the central cluster. Make sure the diameter of the cluster is around four inches and that the central flowers are creating a visual balance.
  • Add filler flowers. To add variety to the Victorian tussy mussy, you must place filler flowers all the way around the central flowers. The best filler flowers are baby’s breath, pansies, violets, and hydrangeas. Now, secure the tussy mussy with floral tape or pins, making sure that the central flowers and the filler flowers are bunched up together in a neat and beautiful manner.
  • Surround the flowers with leaves. Leaves will frame the flowers and make the tussy mussy more attractive. You can choose to use lamb’s ears, violet leaves, rose leaves, or any large leaves. Again, use floral tape or pins to keep the leaves in place. With the filler flowers and leaves included, the tussy mussy should now be around six inches in diameter.
  • Wrap the tussy mussy with doily. Just like in the Victorian era, doily is still used today to cover the stems of the tussy mussy. You should wrap the doily around the tussy mussy, starting from below the leaves all the way to the bottom of the stems. If you don’t have a doily, you can also make use of a handkerchief. Use it in the same way you use a doily. Or if you prefer, you can use any ribbon or lace. Run it from below the leaves, spiraling it all the way to the stems. Upon reaching the bottom, run it upwards to cover any exposed area.
  • Tie a ribbon. Ribbon is tied around the stems as an accent. The color of the ribbon should match the predominant color of the tussy mussy. Or if it looks better, you can use ribbons in different colors; just make sure they add to the overall beauty of the tussy mussy. You can also add pearls, charms, and other kinds of trinkets.

In the old days, tussy mussy was placed in a cone-shaped holder. You can find such holder today in many specialty and antique stores and put your tussy mussy in to even more recreate the Victorian appeal.


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