How To Create a Windsock

One way to keep kids from being too bored is to let them create something fun and yet useful. Creating a windsock in various colors can be a very enjoyable task that they can do with their playmates. The kids can even have fun reusing materials that they can find around the house. So not only is this an affordable project, you are also encouraging the children to reuse and recycle items.

  • Get a piece of construction paper or any art paper available. You can also use newspapers for this project. If you are using newspapers, you can cover the newsprint with a thin layer of paint so that the paper will not look too busy. Cut the paper into a rectangle measuring 6 inches in width and 18 inches in length. Let the kids decorate the rectangles with cut-outs, stickers, markers, crayons or even some glow in the dark paint. Pictures from their favorite magazines or images from old comic books would look great, too.
  • Staple, tape or glue both ends of the rectangle together. The design should be facing the outer portion of the ring. This would be the body of the windsock, which looks like a cylinder by now.
  • Next, get some strips of tissue paper. You can also use Japanese wrapping paper or any lightweight paper material. Cut them into strips around 2 feet in length. Attach them to one end of the cylinder either by taping or stapling them to the windsock body. It is best to space them at least 1 inch apart.
  • Now begin punching four holes around the top of the cylinder. Make sure they are evenly spaced. If you have punchers in various shapes, now would be the best time to use them. If you do not have punchers, carefully poke a pencil through the paper body to make a hole.
  • Tie the strings through each of the holes and tie double-knots to make sure that the strings are properly secured. When you are done, tie all four pieces of the strings together at the top. This would be the handle of your windsock. You can hang your windsock with the use of this handle. You can also insert beads into the strings to make the handle even more decorative.
  • Now you can let the kids choose where they would like to display their windsocks. Make sure that it is in an area where there is a lot of air flow. It is best to hang it near windows or indoor terraces. Make sure that the windsocks won’t get wet.
  • Taping some shorter pieces of yarn at the bottom of the windsock to serve as a fringe would also enhance the look of the windsock when the wind blows through it.

Placing wind chimes along with the windsocks can be a very cute way of letting your kids decorate their rooms. They can even have a guessing game on which direction the wind will blow next. By decorating it with glitters or glow in the dark paint, the windsocks would also look cool in the evenings.


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