How To Create Bark Art

Artists and painters normally use traditional canvas to create their masterpieces. Since some artists have problems with regards to personal finances, they turn to using non-conventional items other than the traditional canvas. Some artists have turned to using nature as the supplier of their canvas. A popular natural canvas that some artists use are a tree's old and dismembered barks. With some creativity and a lot of imagination, anyone can apply paint on tree bark to create a fabulous and rustic piece of bark art.

Explore the forests. A good place to start searching for the canvas of your next masterpiece is by trekking around a forest that consist of palm, redwood, and pine trees. Look for chunks of these trees lying around the forest. The thicker the bark, the better. When examining the potential bark, make sure to check if the smooth side is fine enough to level the paint that you plan to brush on it. Pick up all the potential canvases you can find and bring them back to your place for the preparation it needs.

Brush the bark until clean
. Use a stiff brush and start cleaning the brush. The brush should be strong enough to loosen and remove any foreign elements that can hamper your artistic methods. If there are parts of the trunk that you think will soon fall away, make sure to remove them outright now. After brushing, rinse the bark with water and let it dry naturally.

Visualize the art. While the bark is drying, try to visualize the images you plan to transfer from your thoughts to the bark. Although, most barks will be good for primitive and one-dimensional designs, as an artist, you can definitely find a way to paint a complex image on the particular tree bark. If it helps, create a test design on a piece of colored paper with the same color as the bark. This will let you experiment on the different colors you can use for the design. You will need to use colors that will stand out against the natural color of the bark.

Start painting. Once the bark is clean and totally dry, it is now time to create the image on the bark. Use paint pens or acrylic paint to work your magic. Since wood can absorb paint deep into its recesses, you will need to apply several coats of each stroke to ensure that it will adequately stay on the surface. Make sure to allow each coat to dry completely before applying other coats or colors.

Hang your “work of bark”. As soon as you complete your painting, allow everything to dry before displaying it around your house or giving it to a friend. You can hammer a nail into the other side of the bark and tie a wire around it. That will allow it to be hung on a wall.

Since a work of art on a tree bark is pretty unique, you might be able to earn some good dough by selling these pieces to various non-conventional art collectors. If you can produce a lot of pieces consistently, then some art galleries may even contract you to work for them.


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