How To Create Cell Phone Charms

Cell phones have become a necessity for all people, young and old. Due to this, mobile phones have evolved into something that can be dressed and decorated to suit one's attire or personality. Today, cell phone charms are one of the top selling accessories. If you want to learn how to make one, here are some easy steps that you can follow.

  1. You need to acquire all the necessary materials in making the perfect cell phone charm. If you are new to this, you can purchase all tools and materials in any bead and craft shops near your area. You will need two crimp beads, a bunch of coordinating beads and decorative spacer beads. You can choose any color as long as it fits the overall appearance. Prepare one head pin that has the right length. It should be able to hold the dangle and long enough to create a string loop at the end. Buy a key ring that is used solely for crafting. For easier and faster results, find a key ring that has a stringing hole and a closure.
  2. As for the beading tools, you would need jewelry wires that can be easily twisted. Usually, a length of six inches will do but it really depends on how long you want your cell phone charm would be. As for the beading tools, prepare a pair of scissors, a chain nose pliers and a round nose pliers.
  3. Before setting your beads, think of a design that would best suit your cell phone. Create a mental picture in your head, base it in the beads that you currently have. When you know the kind of charm that you are going to make, start making it into reality by laying your beads in an order that would result to your preferred design. If you are unsure of the appearance, there are a lot of images and design pictures that you can use by searching online.
  4. As soon as you have set the charm or the dangle, attach the head pin by threading it in the dangle bead. Create a loop on the top by using your round nose pliers. Set it aside first.
  5. Cut your jewelry wire. Make sure the length is twice the size of the dangle. Thread it through the loop that you recently made, through the crimp bead and back again. Leave a tail with a length of at least one inch to better secure it. Firmly squeeze the crimp bead to ensure it is tightly knotted.
  6. Using the rest of the jewelry wire, run it by the key ring, into the crimp bead and through the coordinating and spacer beads. Tightly pull the loop to secure it. You now have a beautiful cell phone charm!

These are the simple things that you need to do to successfully create a cell phone charm. As soon as you get used to it, you'll be surprised how relaxing this procedure is. All you have to do now is to wake your creative mind and start charming your way through beads. Good luck!


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