How To Create Irish Wedding Invitations

If you’re having a wedding and would like to honor your own or your soon to be spouse’s Irish heritage, why not incorporate an Irish theme in your wedding invitations? Irish wedding invitations are beautifully crafted works of art and add such a romantic element to any wedding.

Here’s how to create Irish wedding invitations.

  1. Check invitation and stationary stores for some Celtic designs. Catalogs are also another valuable resource to find Irish inspired invitations. A Celtic cross, Claddagh symbol and Celtic knot work borders are some popular choices. You can also find something with continuous circles so that it resembles a traditional Irish quilt. Before you settle on a design, research the meaning of the symbol. You want one that will encapsulate your feelings and represent you as a couple.
  2. Find a Gaelic poem or blessing you can add to your invitation. If you have more than one flap to your invitation, you can choose to write the Gaelic inscription on one side, and the English translation on the other. Research online for a list of popular phrases and their English translations. Better yet, talk to your grandparents and ask them to give suggestions. Not only will it make your wedding seem more intimate, but it will also make your relatives and ancestors truly feel like a part of your wedding.
  3. Go for green. The color green is traditionally associated with the Emerald Isle so why not incorporate the color in your invitation? You can choose a lovely shade of dark green as the paper for your invitation. Use gold or white font as a contrast. If it is too much green for you, choose a white sheet with an elegant green border or use a dark green font color. You may also opt for a patterned paper that resembles a traditional Irish quilt
  4. Modify your font. Use fancy script to give your invitations an old world charm.
  5. Use a Celtic design on the envelope seals. This is another way to add an Irish touch to your invitations. There are envelope seals available from catalogues and other online suppliers that offer Celtic designs. You can also try stationary stores. If the store doesn’t carry a stock, perhaps they can order it for you form their suppliers since you’ll need a few hundred of it anyway. You can use any excess envelope seals for your thank you cards and other correspondence as a couple later on.
  6. Use a wax seal in a Celtic design. If stickers are not to your liking, have a Celtic stamp pad made or purchase one and add a unique and distinguished touch to your invitation envelopes.
  7. Check online for some invitation samples. There are several companies that now offer customized wedding invitations with an Irish flair. If you can’t find one, use the Internet to find a listing of artists in your area that specialize in Celtic art.

Luck is on your side as there are several resources available to you to incorporate that charming Irish touch to your wedding invitations. Take the time to look around.


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