How To Create Out Loud as an Artist

And Why It's Vital That You Do

Does the world know you're an artist?

Do only your immediate family and closest friends know? Does ANYONE know you create?

There are many reasons why keeping our creative lights hidden and barely flickering in the darkness makes it harder to be creative. So here's how to stop whispering and create out loud! And the reasons why it's so important that you do:

  1. How To Create Out Loud: Set aside specific creative time. Request that you not be disturbed. We all deserve time to ourselves, however many people we share our homes and our lives with. Many of us though put creative time at the bottom of our priority lists. In fact, it's not even ON most of our priority lists at all!


    Reason: When you set specific periods to create in, it lets people know that creating is important to you and a crucial part of your life. You know, like sleeping and eating and stuff. More crucially than that, it sends a message to YOU that your creative time is valuable and to be appreciated and respected.

  2. How To Create Out Loud: Join a creative group or community. These days, there are more creative groups than ever, whatever your preferred creative media. Consider local classes where you can get amongst other artists, as well as the plethora of online groups just waiting to welcome you and encourage you to create loud and proud.

    Reason: When you create all alone, it can feel like you're the only person in the world who struggles to create. As soon as you know others do, it becomes easier. In a creative community, supporting others and seeing how that helps their progress will inspire you even further in your creative ventures.

  3. How To Create Out Loud: Have your art work on display. If you create physical art like paintings or collages, display some of those you're most proud of in your creative space. If you're a writer, frame poems or favourite pieces of writing and put them on your wall. Find ways to show your work with pride.

    Reason: If all your work is hidden, it gradually fades from your memory, like it almost never existed. Having your favourite art you've created on display sends a clear message that you value what you create. It also motivates you to create new work that' you're at least as passionate about and proud of.

These are 3 ways you can stop hiding your artistic life away and start to create out loud! Which one will you put into action first?

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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin

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By Dan Goodwin