How To Create the Art that Makes You Happy

Creating art that you find pleasing can't be taught in any classroom, but the basic techniques that will allow you to explore your vision can. For any artist, a significant part of the creative process, and the reason we create anything, is to discover more about ourselves, who we are, and what we’re capable of creating.

You can think of this also as finding what you can give to the world, and when you do find this, and create the art you’re truly capable of, not only does it have a profound impact on the lives of others, but it makes you happy, too.

So how can you create the art that makes YOU happy? Here’s a 5-step plan to follow:

  1. What have you already created that you’re most proud of? What are the artworks that you look back on most fondly and with the most pride? Think about this on 2 levels – first, the work that you enjoyed seeing the end result of most, and second, the work you enjoyed creating most. These two may be the same, they may be different. Notice the key elements of each and why these creative projects made you feel the way they did.
  2. Which creative projects came most easily to you? Which flowed with the least effort, the projects where you lost track of time, so involved were you in the process of creating? Some artists talk of almost feeling guilty that some art comes so effortlessly to them. This gives you a big clue to the art that is most naturally you, and the type of art that you can create more of to bring you good feelings.
  3. Which creative projects felt the biggest struggle? Are there works you spent days, weeks, or months on, and you were still very unsatisfied with what you created? There will always be art that never quite flows, that you never hit the groove with. Sometimes art can be a challenge, but if it becomes a painful slog with no real reward either during its creation or at the end, why put yourself through it? Focus your creative energy on something more right and more natural for you.
  4. What’s the art you’ve always longed to create? This doesn’t mean fantasy art like recording a guitar album to rank with the best ever created, even though you can barely play two chords. You know deep down the type of art that’s within you, the projects in the creative areas where you’re most talented that have been calling you to create them for as long as you can remember. Take a chance and start creating one today...
  5. What kind of creative legacy do you want to leave? Imagine you’re lying on your deathbed, looking back over all the artwork you’ve created. What do you see, what are the works you’re most proud of? Think about a whole body of work, not just one or two pieces. Do you have any regrets about what you didn’t create? Then it’s not too late. Start planning to create those projects now.

By following these 5 steps - by asking and answering these questions - you can go a long way to finding those creative projects most important to you, and the art that will make you happy.  You can also turn to online art classes for help - many of the students and teachers you will meet are just as enthusiastic about the creative process as you are!  And remember, when you’re creating this freely, you’re able to give more to your appreciative audience, waiting on the next artwork of yours that will move, inspire and wow them just like the last one...

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