How To Create Your Own Decorative Bathroom Towels

Decorating your bathroom will add a little class to your daily routine. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be drab and utilitarian. A few decorative touches, like some nice towels hanging on a nice towel rod, will make all the difference. Buying decorative towels from the department store might come with a steep price, though. But with a little skill in sewing, you can create your own decorative bath towels for less.

What you need:

  • Inexpensive bath towels
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Tassel or braid
  • Sewing equipment (machine, thread, needles)

Purchase bath towels. Decorative bath towels can be expensive, but generic bath towels are usually cheap. Since these will be for decorative purposes, you don’t need to worry about getting the most absorbent towels. Any basic towel will do. Get a full sized bath towel, hand towels and washcloths in colors that match your bathroom.

Purchase upholstery fabric and accessories. You can usually get these at upholstery shops. Again, go for colors and patterns that will suit your bathroom and bath towels well. Get thick fabrics with embroidery or brocade. Get tassels or braid that are contrasting in color with the towel and your bathroom decor.

Cut the fabric. Cut your upholstery fabric into 6-inch strip widths. Cut these two inches longer than the width of each towel that you will be embellishing. Zigzag or serge the ends for a clean cut. You can also cut the braid at this point, with the same measurements as the length of the upholstery fabric.

Sew on the fabric and the braid. Once you have the correct measurements, you can sew on the fabric onto the edge of the towel. Start stitching with the braid as a guide, about five inches from the bottom edge of the towel.    Give about an inch allowance on each side. You will then need to tuck the ends behind the towel for a clean look.

Do the same for the hand towels and the washcloth, with smaller measurements for proportion.

Hang the towels. You can display your decorative bathroom towels by hanging them in a layered arrangement on a towel rack. The bath towel should be at the base, with the hand towel and washcloth laid over the bath towel.

Some tips. You can steam press your towel so the edges will be shaped according to your preference. As for the fabric, you can usually find strips of excess fabric from furniture shops. You can get these for less or even for free if the shops will no longer have a use for their excess fabric. You can also recycle unused or old bath towels, in case you’d rather not buy new ones from the store.

You have the option of using fabric glue instead of sewing on the upholstery fabric. This can be quicker, but might not be as durable as stitching the fabric onto the towel.

Decorating your bathroom need not be expensive. Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom wall by hanging decorative towels easily done by stitching upholstery fabric and braid.


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