How To Create Your Own Photo Album Covers

How can you protect your precious photos if your photo album has no cover? You may go to your local store to find the perfect album cover. But there are times that with the hundreds of album covers in the market, nothing can fit your photo album perfectly. In this case, you have no choice but to create your own photo album covers. Not only that this will be an enjoyable project but you can also make your album cover project more interesting to the eyes of those who want to see it. Plus, you do not need to spend a lot of money for this. With your own creativity, you can have a great and unique cover for your photo show.

So if you’re ready, here are the steps on how you can make the best cover for your photo project. This applies in not just the usual photo albums but as well as compilation album covers, record covers, and the likes.

  1. Theme. Identify what the theme of your album is. This is one important step to be able to make the overall appearance of your album attractive and unique. Check whether it is for a birthday party, vacation, or wedding. On the other hand, if it is for audio covers, check whether the compilation album contains love songs, Christmas songs, or other types of songs.
  2. Decor. When you have identified the themes, look for pictures and other things that will very well represent it. You can get any of the following depending on your choice: flowers, invitations, image of the celebrator, ribbons, shells, sand, leaves, laces, postcards, and others. Any decoration will do as long as the thing won’t spoil and damage the photos or the photo album.
  3. Base. Determine what kind of base you want your album cover to have. It can be construction paper, fabric, and any other material you want. Though it is easier to have paper as a base, giving extra effort for fabric base will make your album cover totally unique.
  4. Designing. If you choose a fabric base, it only requires few decorations as compared to what you can place on paper base. For fabric ones, you can add a couple of pictures or images and place a nice ribbon or lace somewhere. For a paper base, you can make a collage of some pictures on the cover. Just remember, you can make the atmosphere of the cover calmer by placing few natural decorations.
  5. Other options. If you don’t want to give much of your effort for the project, there is an easier way than cutting and gluing all those pictures and materials in. You can print great album cover designs from the Internet or create your own using your computer. Simply glue it perfectly to the cover and your album cover is done.
  6. Finishing touches. To preserve the life not only of the cover but the album as well, it is best to cover it with a clear contact paper. For album singles, album hits, and audio covers, the plastic casings will do this trick.

So now you see how easy it is to make a personalized album cover that will not only make the photo album very pleasing to your eyes but also for those who will see it. Just be creative and imaginative and don’t be afraid to try new things. In fact, people who broke from the traditional are the most successful.


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