How To Cut up T-Shirts: Customize T-Shirts

Create Personalized T-Shirts by Cutting up Your Old Shirts

Cutting fabric with scissors

When your wardrobe needs a pick-me-up all you need is some time and creativity, and you can cut your T-shirts to expand your wardrobe choices. Make them into spunky and personalized creations. 

Follow these steps to learn how to cut up T-shirts without destroying the look you’re going for:

2 T-shirts
Fabric pen
Beads, glitter, sequins (optional)
Needle and thread

  1. Design the new shirt. Before you start cutting, you will need to decide what you want your new shirt to look like. Take the image or text from one shirt and rearrange it on a second shirt or just cut sections to trim that shirt into a mid-drift baring top or tank top. The choice is yours--just be sure you have a plan for your personalized t-shirts before you start cutting.
  2. Draw the pattern on the base shirt. Whichever shirt will be the one you wear, use the fabric pen to mark where you will cut and where you will place the new letters or images.
  3. Try it on. Clothing looks bigger when they are flat on a table than they do when being worn so double-check the design and pattern you made by trying on the shirt. Make any adjustments for fit before you move on to the next step.
  4. Cut out the pattern. Use your scissors to cut out the pattern starting at the neck, then moving to the bottom and ending with the sleeves. Design the sleeves to suit your look.
  5. Sew any patches and seams. If you have chosen to use the text from one shirt and rearrange it on another, now is the time to sew on the patches. You should also sew any seams on the hem or sleeves to prevent dangling threads.
  6. Add decorative elements (optional). Make the shirt even more spectacular by adding beads, sequins or glitter to the look. Follow your own personal style.
  7. Wear it! Put on your shirt and wear it for your next trip to the mall or out with friends. You can brag about how you can customize your own clothing.

This craft idea gives you the opportunity to create new and exciting additions to your wardrobe. The best part is that you can design your own shirt to fit your unique style and personality. 


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