How To Dance the Hula

When speaking of Hawaii one of the first things that usually come to mind is the Hula dance. The Hula dance is actually a ritual that shows the unity between the people and the universe, and was traditionally used to provide the dancers with a meditative experience through the motions of the dance. Here’s how you can dance the hula.

  • Basic stance. There is usually just one starting point for all types of hula dance, whether you are dancing the hula using the Kaholo step, the Ami step, or even the Coconut tree step. You should stand with both of your feet together, your toes pointing in front of you, and your knees slightly bend. The hands can usually raised anywhere on your body, as long as you maintain an airy but natural posture for your hands.
  • Feet movements. Next, you will need to place your right foot to the right. The distance that you will move is usually just a couple of inches, although some types of hula dance will require you to move your feet with a distance spanning your entire shoulder. Shoulder length feet movements are usually used in the Ka’o hula dance. After moving your right foot, place your other foot just beside the right foot. Do this twice, and then repeat for the other foot. Just as you moved two steps to the right you should also move two steps to the left. Usually, this foot movement will be repeated throughout the entire length of the hula song. Variations of the foot movement include angling the toes at 45 degrees, and putting one heel over the other ankle.
  • Hand movements. For the hands, you will usually put them over the head so that the palms are facing each other and so that your arms are forming a U shape. Make sure that the arms are not too rigid, because the hula dance is supposed to be soft and fluid. Rotate your hips and your waist as you slowly move your hands down to shoulder length. While rotating and rolling your hips and waist to the beat, slowly move down your arms to waist length in such a way that your palms are facing down. Make sure that your feet, arm, and body movements are calibrated according to the hula dance song. This will make the entire dance look natural and fluid.
  • Combinations. Remember that there are plenty of variations when it comes to the hula dance. The hula dance is not particularly rigid, and you can actually combine the hand and feet movements. The Ka’o feet movement, for instance, can be done with hand movements or not. You can also position your arms at shoulder length in front of you, and then retract the arms towards your chest. You can also use the right fingers to touch the left arm’s elbow.

If you love luaus and Hawaiian themed parties, the hula dance is a great way to spice things up and get everybody to move and mingle with each other .these steps should help you dance the basic hula.


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