How To Dance with a Girl at a Party

What will you do when you see a pretty girl on the dance floor? Will you immediately go in her direction and dance in front of her, totally oblivious of whether she approves of it or not? Or are you the type who will silently retreat to the corner, confused whether to ask her? Guys, be warned. As much as girls want to dance with some guy, they want the guy to be extra mindful of how to approach them. They don’t want to be forced, but they don’t want to wait for too long either. It’s kind of tricky, as girls are naturally hard to read, but here’s a general guideline on how to make a girl dance with you at a party.

  • Check if she’s with a man. One of the easiest ways to pick a fight in a party is to get someone else’s girl. No, you don’t want that. So when you are eyeing a girl on the dance floor, make sure she is not with a boyfriend. See the people around her. Do any of the guys in close proximity to her seem like a boyfriend? If yes, look for someone else to dance with. If no, go ahead. You’ve found a potential dance partner.
  • Make an eye contact. If the boyfriend signal is not buzzing, you can now establish your interest in the girl. Start by making an eye contact. Keep in mind, however, that it is likely dark on the dance floor, so the girl may not see you looking at her. It’s okay; glance at her, nonetheless. But if, for some reason, she notices you, flash your best smile. If she looks away and thereafter ignores your glances, it’s safe to say she is not interested in you. But if she smiles back, it’s a good sign. You can think of approaching her now.
  • Dance your way to the girl. Casually groove to the dance beat. You can bob your head, move your torso, and snap your fingers. Do whatever feels right. As soon as you arrive at her spot, smile at her. Continue dancing, but remember to give her some space to move about. What you want to avoid is give her the impression you’re forcing her to dance with you.
  • Dance, dance, dance. Move to the rhythm, but this time, don’t break your eye contact with her. Smile at her often to assure her you are having a great time. If she is having a great time herself, she will move closer to you. Lean toward her, too. But here’s a warning: avoid moving close to the girl unless she sends the signal it’s okay. Most girls are protective even on the dance floor and might take your gesture as something obnoxious. So respect her, and give her some space.
  • Place your hands on her waist.  If the girl is already pretty comfortable with you, meaning she doesn’t mind the little space between the two of you and how her body brushes against yours, you can increase your closeness by putting your hands on her waist. Be very sure, however, that this is what she likes. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your dance. In many cases, though, girls initiate and place their partners’ hands on their waists. If your dance partner is this type, good for you.

After the dance, tell the girl how much you enjoyed her company. And don’t forget to thank her. If you want to get to know her more, ask if she wants to have a drink with you. If she agrees, accompany her to the bar and find an area where the two of you can talk.


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