How To Decorate a Binder

A binder is a good and efficient school supply to carry to school in order to keep all your notes and lectures intact. Today’s binders come in a variety of materials and colored covers that are more study and stylish than the traditional blue and black imitation leather covered thick boards. Binder prices vary. You can get a cheap one for a little over $2. More pricey ones can have a $12 to about $88 price tag. For a truly unique binder that will differentiate it from the rest, you can get a cheap binder and decorate it to your heart’s content. The following are some ideas to help you decorate your binder.

  1. Buy a cheaper priced binder from the stationery store. Some have imitation leather covers, while some come with vinyl covers and others have translucent thick plastic covers in various regular and neon colors.
  2. Choose one in a plain dark color that will be easier to decorate as the darker background will provide a better contrast for more colorful decorations. You can also choose one in your favorite color. Get a binder with a sturdier construction so that you can use it for a longer time.
  3. Buy stickers of your favorite cartoon characters and favorite items. You can also cut out colored celebrity pictures, buy postcards and postage stamps, photos of wildlife, flora and fauna, shells, insects and whatever you fancy. You can also look for unique items in the scrapbooking section of a local stationery shop. There is an array of decorative materials that you can find for scrapbooking that you can use to decorate your binder.
  4. Wipe the binder covers to remove dirt. You can use a dry or a damp cloth to clean the surface of the binder covers and ready it for decorating. Make sure it is dry.
  5. Position your decorative items over the covers without gluing them first. Move the items around until you are satisfied with how the arrangement looks. You can place items all over the cover for a random effect. You can also group similar items or designs and place them sporadically over the covers. Postage stamps and postcards can go together for a unified look. Birds, flowers and butterflies in different sizes can be grouped together for a feminine appeal.
  6. You can also decorate just the corners of the binder covers. Use more decorative items in a similar theme for the diagonally opposite corners (like the bottom left corner and the upper right corner) and use just one piece of decorative item for the opposite diagonal corners, leaving the center blank. You can then use put a nice sticker like a school logo or your initials in large metallic and embossed stickers on the front. Repeat the corner designs on the back cover and add a different center sticker on it, or you can just leave it blank. You may find something that can be placed in that spot later.
  7. Scraps of decorative wallpaper borders can also turn a simple binder cover into creative works of art. Check out DIY shops to find some. You can also use layers of metallic wrapping paper for a unique and interesting pattern. Different colored ribbons in varying thickness will create cool stripes and checks. You can glue the ends of the ribbons on the inside front and inside back covers of the binder for a neater look. Use craft glue as adhesive.
  8. Protect the surface of your binder cover with clear plastic. Experience crafters can make use of clear plastic laminating film (those with adhesive backing on one side) for better protection.

You will not run out of ideas to decorate your binder. You only need some inexpensive materials, glue and some reference materials to make a truly unique and personally-designed binder.


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