How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

Cheap and Easy Ways to Decorate your Christmas Tree!

There are virtually endless ways to decorate a Christmas tree. From traditional to modern, simple to elaborate, Christmas tree ornaments reflect the personalities of the families decorating the trees.

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  1. Use handmade garlands. The whole family can work together with a needle and thread and string together garlands of popped popcorn or cranberries, both of which look lovely on a traditionally decorated Christmas tree. Another way to make garlands as a family is to use brightly colored paper and make paper chains.
  2. Have children make their mark. Using materials like styrofoam, construction paper, and glitter, children can make colorful ornaments that will be treasured for years. Adding a school picture makes the ornament even more special.
  3. Consider a theme. Using glass balls in only red and gold along with red and gold bows or lights makes a tree look elegant and uncluttered. Another striking combination is blue and silver.
  4. Try pinecones. Small pinecones, left natural or with a light coating of glitter, can be placed on the tree's branches for a special touch. Small bouquets of dried flowers could also be spaced around the tree.
  5. Add garlands of beads. Strings of silver, gold, or colored beads draped over the tree's branches add festivity and elegance to any Christmas tree.
  6. Let there be light. Christmas tree lights come in all colors and sizes now, from small white lights to large multicolored lights; you can mix and match or stick with one color throughout the whole tree.
  7. Tie some bows. A very cheap and attractive way of decorating a Christmas tree is to take ribbon or raffia and tie bows on the ends of some of the tree's boughs. Ribbon can be colorful, shiny, matte, metallic, thick, or thin, depending upon your decorating scheme.
  8. Bring the sweetness! Adding candy canes to the trees is a very easy and traditional way to decorate a Christmas tree. Candy canes come in the traditional red and white color scheme, or red, green and white, plain white, or multicolored. These are great fun to let children take from the tree and eat every once in a while.
  9. Don't forget the top! Traditional Christmas trees are topped with an angel or a star. If you have a traditional family tree topper, use that to continue the tradition! If not, you can make a star with construction paper or cardboard, gold or silver foil, and some glitter.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a wonderful way to spend some quality - and creative - family time together. Remember, the important part is not how the tree looks, but how much fun your family has doing it and what wonderful memories your children will have years from now.


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