How To Decorate a Picture Frame

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Decorating a picture frame can be a great arts and crafts project. It is great for both kids and adults alike. There are virtually unlimited ways to decorate a picture frame. You are only limited by your imagination. The great thing about decorating your own picture frame is that you can personalize it, depending on the picture you will display. Picture frames are great to give out as gifts to friends. You can also display them around your house. Decorating a picture frame is very easy. With a few inventive tips, you will be able to design a picture frame that is personal and beautiful in no time.

Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate a picture frame:

  1. Choose a picture frame. You can choose to design an old picture frame. However, you should always be careful of what material the frame is made of. Wood, acrylic and metal are more durable and can generally stand any kind of decoration. If you plan to paint your picture frame, then you should choose paint with the material in mind. The wrong kind of paint can seriously damage picture frames. You can also choose to buy a new picture frame, so you can choose the specific material. This way, you won’t have to work your way around a material that you don’t like. Wood is the most versatile material if you want to design a picture frame, because it takes most decorations well.
  2. Choose a theme. What do you want to depict using your picture frame? If the picture were of you and your loved ones on the beach, then it would be good to choose a vacation theme or a beach theme. Winter wonderland theme is for Christmas, scary for Halloween, and so on. Then, start planning your design. You can choose from different methods of designing your picture frame. You can use a lot of different materials like magazine cutouts, beads, and even memorabilia you have acquired throughout the years. This will give a more personal feel to the picture frame.
  3. Take your picture frame and paint a background color. This will be the primer for the whole of your design. Choose a color that will work well with the rest of your design. You can choose to paint on the design itself. The best to use for this is acrylic, as it dries hard and does not get damaged very easily.
  4. Add a little more decoration to your picture frame. You can try gluing on various beads to create a design. You can easily look for patterns online. There are a lot of designs to choose from. You can even download images from the Internet and print them on some stiff paper. Glue them on the edges of your picture frame to add a little more personality.

Decorating a picture frame will greatly depend on your style. These simple tips will give you ideas on how to decorate a picture frame. Always remember that it’s a fun project, just try out different ideas, and see what they look like.


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