How To Decorate a Sweatshirt

Whether you have old or new, plain sweatshirts, you can make them into more exciting shirts by decorating them. For starters, use your old sweatshirts so you will not regret decorating them if the design turns out different from what you expected. But with practice, you will end up decorating most of your clothes, especially the ones that are plain colored. Here are a lot of options in decorating your sweatshirt.

  • Cut out a nice patch from an old piece of clothing. You can either pin the patch on your shirt, or sew it on permanently. You can use a thread that will blend with the patch’s color, or a contrasting color to make it stand out.
  • Use a pin or brooch to add an accent to your sweatshirt.
  • You can cut out pieces of cloth (choose the colors you like) and make them into pockets, and then sew them at the front or sides of your sweatshirt, and they're useful too!
  • Buy iron-ons from specialty stores, and iron the designs on your sweatshirt. You can choose from an array of designs – from plain black designs to different colors. There are also silver iron-ons, which glisten with light. These particularly look great on dark colored sweatshirts for girls. You can also make your own pattern. With iron-ons, just be careful when washing the sweatshirt, as the design might be easily removed with machine washing.
  • If you are the sentimental type, you can ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign your sweatshirt by using a permanent, unwashable marker. This is also a good idea for a gift. The best one will be a cloth marker, so it does not blot on the cloth. Also use different colors to end up with a colorful memento.
  • Print on it using fabric paint. You can use silkscreen, if you want to go through all the trouble, or simply paint on the shirt directly with a brush or a sponge. You can also do hand painting, coloring the shirt with your bare hands! It is best to use water-based paint if you will use your bare hands, so you need not use paint thinner to wash the paint off later on.
  • Aside from painting using fabric paint, you can also use other objects as a stamp, to paint interesting shapes on the shirt, such as leaves, stones and shells.
  • You can opt to tie-dye your sweatshirt and come out with a rather ethnic design.
  • You can also use crayons to draw on a sweatshirt, and then heat press it after drawing to let the design stay. When ironing the crayon colored shirt, use a newspaper on the ironing board, and then place the sweatshirt face down on the newspaper, then iron it. Remove the shirt, and place a new set of newspapers underneath, then iron again, face down. Do this until no color is transferred onto the newspaper. The shirt can be used after washing.


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